TV - Boardwalk Empire
So...are they being wry and ironic with this whole "the show is actually terrible but we can fix it by changing lots of stuff and getting rid of some dull characters" thing in regards to Bombshell? Because I can dig that, I think. Thank the Lawd we're done with the DiMaggio thing, because that was dull and Michael was eye-crossingly dull [and didn't Debra Messing hook up with him irl...? Oh, gurl], though I feel like going with JFK is just way too obvious. But, whatever; I enjoy a good/bad Kennedy impression as much as the next person.

Also, LAWD, DANIEL SUNJATA. I said "YOU SHOULD BANG HIM" out loud to my TV when he sat down with Tom & Julia and I don't even know which of them I meant. Either, really.

And I wonder what will happen first: I'll learn to tell Bland #1 and Bland #2 apart (meaning Karen's new ~songwriter friends) or those two will make out with each other. Takers?