Top 12 Best "L Word" Episodes Ever

I was checking AutoStraddle and saw this list and wanted to share it here, love it or hate it, sometimes both at the same time The L Word brought us many hours of entertainment with great storylines -lol, jk still don't care who killed Jenny, some steamy scenes, and great characters (Dana!!) and a horrible theme song. Only got to share 5 episodes but you can check the rest at the source, it's worth it.

Now for the list!

11. 305 - Lifeline

Season Three was a heedless and usually sexless march towards The Untimely Death of Dana Fairbanks, cluttered with other situations such as Bette's sudden appreciation for flowy tunic frock shirt things. But in 305, the following things happened: Alice had sex with a Vampire, Shane and Cherie Jaffe had reunion pool strap-on sex and I believe also Dylan and Helena took a train to tuna-town.

8. 210 - Land Ahoy
The problem with every single Season Two episode is that it inevitably involves a creepy Jenny strangewhisperyintensefeelings carnival/holocaust/sexual assault flashback/dreamscape/short story/The Mourner's Kaddish. Also; Mark and his "rapey cameras" hang like a dark cloud all season long, but in 210 and 211, Jenny's reaction to his revelation was some really tough but well-done stuff. Anyhow I haven't even begun speaking about this episode! I picked Episode 210 for this list because of the cast commentary on the DVD. Real talk: Erin Daniels also hated those pants.

7. 302 - Lost Weekend
If I ever lost a weekend, I'd go find it. Or I'd watch "Lost Weekend" and witness Helena hosting a private intervention with Alice's psychotic Dana-Shrine (she wasn't even dead yet you guys), Jenny going badass with a stun-gun on the homophobes ("we're dykes, not faggots you assholes!") and Shane's opportunity to explore her softer side via Quinceañera and a giant doily. Jenny's evolving relationship with Max was still pretty compelling and not-absurdly-problematic at this point, and Dana hadn't started dying. Also, Carmen's sexy dance. Also, Alice's cute bisexual love addict glasses.

4. 112 - Looking Back
Watching the Dinah Shore episode will inspire you to think either "I love my lesbian friends so much!" or "I wish I had a fun group of lesbian friends!" Worth it for the flashbacks alone, honestly.

3. 101 - Pilot
If you overlook the fact that the show's first line is, I believe, "I'm ovulating!", the pilot will always be the ultimate L Word episode. In two well-paced hours, we meet the girls for the first time, Jenny and Marina have passionate ladysex, Bette and Tina rekindle their flame and everybody falls in love with Dana. Also I met Shane and would never be the same again.

So what's your favorite episode/character/couple/sex scene? And least favorite?
For me the finale of season one- no.1 on the list; Dana, Bette, and Alice; Dana and Alice were pretty cute together; and Shane and Cheri by the pool. Oh, and that episode with Peaches because Peaches <3 Also, did you hate the theme song too?
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