Jeff Davis Answers Fan Questions

There will be real wolves in the show?
Yes, soon.

What is your favorite character to write for?
I love writing for all of the characters, but I have a soft spot for Peter, because he can be such a cynical, honest voice. It’s fun to be bad.

If they'd play Hockey instead of Lacrosse in Beacon Hills, which position would Stiles play?
Probably defense because he would be good at blocking the puck with his head.

Is Peter now Derek's beta? Or is he an omega now? Or something different, something more unique?
He is essentially part of Derek’s pack and now a Beta.

Are there gonna be some new creatures in this season?
There will be a new central mystery. Whether its human or supernatural you’ll have to wait to find out.

What is Lydia's role going to be in the new season? Is she going to continue to play a crucial role in the show, and are people going to finally start letting her in on things and tell her everything that's going on?
More crucial than ever. And at the start of the season she knows everything.

Do werewolves have to go to the dentist every 6 months, or do they not get cavities?
Considering their healing faculties I’d probably have to say they can skip the dentist.

I think it would be great if Allison, Lydia, and Stiles became best friends and formed a sort of "Team Human". They could complain to each other about the werewolves in their lives. What are the chances of this happening Jeff?
They grow much closer in the new season and have numerous episodes where they essentially “team up.”

Where does Isaac live since his Dad died? Who has custody of him?
Answered in the first episode of Season 3

Wolves, kanimas... Are there plans for the introduction of any other mystical creature into the TW universe? Not vampires please!
If I could figure out a way to bring in Unicorns… who doesn’t love Unicorns?

Jeff, can you put Stiles in glasses at least once this season?
He does look great in them in The Internship trailer, doesn’t he?

With working with the amount of people needed to produce teen wolf, how do you keep big secrets, such as Jackson being the Kanima a secret? Are the actor with which the secrets revolved only informed about it?
I threaten to sue everyone. I’m not kidding. I threatened a fifteen year-old girl once.

Will Jackson's absence be explained within the first couple episodes? Will there be "flashbacks" or anything similar?
An explanation yes.

Do you think Peter's viciousness, especially in s1 but also his moral ambiguity as well as his sort of ambiguous personal agenda in s2 is something that has always been part of who Peter is, or do you think that it's a result of the Hale fire and the (presumably enormous) effect it had on his psyche?
You will learn more about this in episode 308.

Most people hate Allison's character, but I see her as a huge role model and an extremely strong character. I don't understand why people hate her so much. They say she cries too much and things like that. Is it weird for her to be my favorite character?
Not at all. We love Allison’s character. Partially because we were able to go to such extremes with her. She ended up being a bad guy last season. You were supposed to hate her at one point. Wait till you see what we have in store for her this season.

Anything about Danny, does he knows about werewolves? What about his relationship with Jackson? Is he gonna become bestfriends with everyone and be incredible awesome like always
I guarantee awesomeness.

At this point do you know if there will be a season 4 for Teen Wolf?
If I survive Season 3, quite possibly yes.

Hi Jeff, I really have to know- do we learn a bit more about Boyd this season?
A lot more. Especially about his family.

Will Scott ever be part of Dereks Alpha pack? :(
Possible. But possibly not probable.

Is the rumour about Derek's new love interest real?
I don’t pay attention to rumors.

With some characters leaving this season, do you think it adds more to the storyline or takes away from your orignal plans?
We have to adjust some things, but most of the main characters remain the same.

Could the Teen Wolf novel, On Fire be considered canon?
Not necessarily.

are we going to get shirtless isaac scenes?
Yes indeed. He’s been working out with my trainer non-stop.

will Stiles or Lydia use magic again in the future?
I wouldn’t call it magic actually.

Hi Jeff, there are plot points from seasons 1 and 2 where many characters don't know what happened, will some be addressed in s3? eg Allison finding out why Derek bit her mother, people finding out what her grandfather did to Stiles, that Kate seduced Derek before killing his family, that Deaton told Derek to trust Scott, while plotting with Scott to use Derek in taking down Grandpa Argent? I'd love to see effects some truthsharing would have!
Allison will definitely find out about Derek and her mother.

What can we expect more of from Stiles this season?
More hair.

What's Scott up to these days?
Scott has spent the last four months trying to improve himself. His goal in the new season is to become a better friend, a better son, a better werewolf, a better everything.

Is Gerard back?
If he is, then I’m sure he’s up to no good.

Why do Scott and Melissa live in such a big house? It's been mentioned that they're tight on money, and it's just the two of them.
The house was inherited by Melissa from her mother.

Will Mama McCall get more used to the idea that her son is a mythical creature now?
Not only used to it, but she’s going to help in unexpected ways.

We have seen a lot of horrible things happen to Derek, things that anyone would struggle to cope with. I guess what I want to know is, will we actually see him come to terms with things?
Yes and no. Because many more horrible things are about to happen to him. We call this conflict! And we kinda’ love beating up on him.

how did you find such sexy actors to play these wonderful characters??
I tell my Casting Director “Find me sexy!” And they do. I have a wonderful job.

So since jackson isn't going to be on the show anymore, what's going to happen to his character?
That question will be answered in the first episode.

How will you explain the faact that Lydia's sister, who's supposed to show up in S3, hasn't been mentioned so far in the show, not even briefly?
Um… she was away at college? Boarding school? She was in the army? She was locked in an alternate dimension? I kinda’ like that last one.

What was Derek and the Hale family like before the fire?
You will learn in episode 308.

So if a female werewolf had her period on the night of the full moon how much destruction would go down?
Uh… Ah… Yeaaahh…

Will we see Lydia grow into a strong independent evil mastermind? Maybe keeping Peter and Jackson on a leash and using them as attack wolves?
This sounds kind of Walking Dead to me.

My question is about the spoilers you release every week. Do you (or some kind of designated person) monitor the fans' response to the spoilers and does it affect your work in any way?
Does not affect my work. For Matt, the person who does respond to it, I have offered to pay for his therapist.

Will we see Lydia interact with Derek more? And will there be sassy arguments with Peter?
There will always be sassy from Peter!

Question about season three, will there be a scene about Danny reaction and dealing with Jackson's "death" or would he have been told the truth?
Jackson’s dead?

Is Stiles going to have a relationship like Alison/Scott? I mean real normal love relationship?
Real normal love? That’s never an option on Teen Wolf.

The color of a werewolf's eyes... important? (besides an Alpha being red, obviously.)
Very important.

Do you think Stiles will ever get any sort of supernatural-type power?
Stiles is more of a Perseus to me. He needs to be given supernatural weapons to survive. Although Perseus was half God.

Is Papa Stilinski going to be graced with a first name in season 3?
Of course! But will I tell you? No.

Can we have a whole hour episode of Dylan O'Brien naked?
Yes! But it probably wouldn’t be called Teen Wolf.

what will happen to the character "Jackson" now that Colton is leaving?
We’re going to place a cardboard cut out of him in certain scenes. And there will be a game to see when you can spot him. We’ll call it Find the Jackson.

Do you have any plans to include a nerd or geek female character?
Yes indeed. But possibly not until the second half of Season 3.

Jeff, how does one meet Dylan O'Brien?
Carefully. If you see him go into attack position, lie flat on the ground and pretend you’re dead. Wait for him to sniff you. This could take several minutes. When he’s docile, pet him gently on the cheek with the back of your hand. ONLY with the back of your hand

can you explain how Derek is going to be going past his trust issues and past relationships to be in love with this new girl? He dosnt seem to me like the type, mostly when there is bigger and badder threats on the horizon-I can see him more pushing people away after the Scott and Gerard thing then falling in love with this new girl.
What new girl?

So it's clear you love giving your characters the most tragic back stories and making us all cry. Have you ever had an idea for a storyline that was too dark to do on a teen show or got vetoed for some reason?
Actually I expected some push back from episode 306 which is called “Motel California” but didn’t get any. And it’s one of our darkest yet.

What did Derek and Laura do in New York?
They went to Splash Bar.

why does the show only air in the summer?
That may be changing soon. But sooner is a great time for the network and our audience to tune in.

Is Tyler Hoechlin going to be Derek in the flashback episode? Or are you going to find a younger actor?
Younger actor. And we’re possibly deciding who that will be this week.

Derek's stubble is clearly very well-maintained, which seems odd, considering he's apparently been living in the burned-out wreck of his old house and then in the rusted-out wreck of an old train depot. So where does he shave? Gas station bathroom? Does he have a plug-in for his car? Secret apartment/motel room somewhere? Is it just natural werewolfy hair secrets?
With a question this deep and well thought out I’m slightly embarrassed to say “I have no idea.” Sorrrrrry.

Where does Derek get all his money from?

Can someone AT LEAST punch Harris this season please?
Something similar may actually happen.

Does Sterek bother you? Does it make you chuckle? Or does Dylan or Tyler H. ever look disturbed about it? I've always wondered that.. And don't act like you don't know what it is! I know that the cast is aware of Sterek. :)
Sterek does not bother me at all! I love the artwork, the unbelievable fan enthusiasm over it. How could I not like fans being passionate about two characters?

Will Danny get a boyfriend this season?
I don’t know if we can classify it as that. But I will say the scene we are shooting with Keahu today has him shirtless. On a bed. With a guy.

Will we be learning more about the animal clinic guy and the guidance counsel girl. If so, what episode.
You’ll be learning a lot. In numerous episodes.

Will we finally see Greenberg in Season 3? I think I spotted him in the classroom setting in Season 2 where Coach tells him to put his hand down, but there's no way to be certain until we actually see his face
Who is Greenberg?

Are we going to get an explanation about what happened to Erica?

Will Scott ever have some sort of relationship with someone who isn't Allison?

Are any or several of the Teen Wolf characters inspired by other fictional characters or characters from classic stories?
Yes, actually. Peter is based loosely on Iago from Othello.

will we learn anything about Scott's father this season?
Possibly in the second half of the third season. We’re still debating it.

Now that Jackson's gone, will Lydia have a new love interest? Or none at all? Considering their scene in "Master Plan" was quite deep.
Love is in the air.

Please show us Stiles without a shirt on. A lot.
That’s up to Dylan actually. I’ve left the Stiles shirtless question in his hands.

Will Scott and Isaac interact much this season? It was nice seeing Isaac have someone to care about him :)
More than ever. Isaac may start to take Stiles’s place as Scott’s best friend which could cause some issues. I call it a bromance triangle.

Will we ever get an answer for why some wolves turn full wolf and others are like Scott and only half turn? Will their ever be a werewolf on the show that turns full animal wolf?
Yes you will. In a specific episode actually.


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