The ultimate Hollywood blind Guess-Who, awards season-style

Maybe the illustrations included give us an idea of who the 5 people are?

Mark Wahlberg?

Sounds like Emma Stone to me. They gave her that "Movies I love" feature that no other star has been asked to do before, so EW loves her and she loves her BFF JLaw. Maybe Michelle Williams (Brokeback, Marilyn)?

Source: my iPad via Entertainment Weekly
Can you guess who the person is? Do you agree with what they say? That's 3/5 for Naomi. IMO, Naomi, Marion, and Emanuelle had the strongest performances this year, but I would not be mad at a Chastain win.

Jennifer Lawrence and Jessica Chastain (and Ben Affleck) are both presenters at the Oscars, making me think that they didn't win. Nominees don't ever present at Oscars, so it's odd.