Dashboard Confessional frontman Chris Carrabba launching another musical project at SXSW?


Dashboard Confessional and Further Seems Forever frontman Chris Carrabba is no stranger to wearing multiple musical hats. In fact, it was his initial transition from Further Seems Forever into Dashboard Confessional that brought his name to the forefront of many of our then-young minds. Now it seems Carrabba is planning to launch another new project, and UTG has gathered together every detail we could find.

Near the tail end of last week, SXSW launched their official music schedule. According to this post, Chris Carrabba will be performing on Friday and Saturday night as part of a new group known as Twin Falls. We tried to search on the site for further information, but the official band page turned out to be nothing more than a quick bio on Carrabba’s other efforts.

Facing the problem of a familiar face attached to an unfamiliar name, we turned to Google for help. However, after scrolling back a few pages and attempting multiple versions of the same search it became alarmingly clear that not only has this band not performed before, but they’re virtually unknown online.

We are currently reaching out for more information regarding Twin Falls, but knowing Carrabba it is unlikely anything additional will leak before he’s ready to go public.