Review of Being Human (UK) ‘Pie and Prejudice’

Pie and Prejudice served as a further exploration of Tom and Hal’s characters. Just when you think the writers have taken these characters as far as they can, they are elevated to a whole new level. Both Damian Molony and Michael Socha gave admirable and emotional performances.

Although Tom has been quite naïve and easily manipulated in the past, he has grown and it was surprising to learn that he did see through Larry but hoped to become successful despite his monthly transformation. The episode was reminiscent of one from the first series which featured Tully, the werewolf who infected George. Pie and Prejudice also harked back to the notion of trying to be human and integrate with society.
There was a lot of sympathy for Tom who always seems to get preyed upon by these untoward types who use him. (I want to use him) The moment when Hal tried to convince Tom to come back to the house pulled at the heartstrings and was a return to the original premise of the show. Alex is right when she says that Tom is the most human out of the three of them and that he has a shot at being leading the most normal life. Perhaps there will be some light at the end of the tunnel for this werewolf, I’m hoping that Allison will make a return to be with him.

This week there were two cracking guest stars in the form of Julian Barrett from The Mighty Boosh as Larry, the obnoxious weatherman-turned-werewolf, and Amanda Hale as Lady Mary, who is a thoroughly modern aristocrat despite the fact that she is garbed in something that resembles a cake decoration.

Perhaps it was just me but Larry’s death face was quite amusing, with his tongue sticking out of his mouth. (Ngl, he did look kinda silly)

Pie and Prejudice proved to be a brilliant episode filled with character development even if the main story arc was left to one side.

Compared to Misfits, Being Human has managed to redefine itself following a major cast change, (Being Human UK Version 2.0 is better than Misfits by far) it is fresh and funny and dramatic but unfortunately it was not enough. So, enjoy and savour the next several weeks.
Next week on Being Human… Crumb is back in the picture with the plans for world domination.
I'm glad that Hal's "true self" is breaking through, but I'm worried the series will end with him dying after going full evil.