New Girl Spoilers! Is someone getting married?


I don’t know about you, but Cece (Hannah Simone) switching gears and pursuing the idea of arranged marriage definitely threw me for a loop – threw Schmidt for a loop, too. But even though Schmidt is still very much in love with Cece, that doesn’t change the fact that – according to New Girl creator, Liz Meriwether – the will-Cece-won’t-Cece go through with an actual wedding will be carried out before the end of season 2.
In episode 21 of this season, Cece getting married will be very much a real thing – so where does that leave poor Schmidt? Knocking on his ex’s door apparently, with the notion of asking her as his “make Cece sad, break up the wedding, and run away with him” date, but there’s a twist – this is a girl that dated Schmidt back when he was “Big Guy” and slightly less douche-y.
Until “Big Guy” disappeared, of course. So don’t put it past Schmidt-ex-girlfriend, to take this opportunity to call him out on his even douche-ier behavior now. (Hint: It may involve her coaxing the “Big Guy” back out via three large pizzas, double deckeroni-style.)
Okay, so bets are on: Who thinks Schmidt’s plan will work or blow up in his face? (And the bigger question, do you think Cece will indeed go through with her arranged marriage this season?)

Have you heard the news? Cece’s getting married, and no one’s taking it harder than Schmidt. Except maybe Jess, who’s wondering why Cece still hasn’t asked her to be maid of honor.
You can read our exclusive New Girl spoilers below for season 2 episode 21, “Bachelorette Party”:
Because Cece’s had to move up her wedding plans sooner than anticipated, she absentmindedly neglects to include Jess in most of the planning – including asking her to be maid of honor. Until of course Jess, being Jess, calls Cece up to claim her rightful maid of honor status.
Jess’ first duty as Cece’s maid of honor? A majorly kick-butt bachelorette party that Cece’s dreamed of since they were little girls. (Prepare for another Jess-and-Cece-as-kids flashback!) The only problem? Cece claims she doesn’t want a bachelorette party since it’s not really part of Indian marriage tradition. So naturally Jess decides to throw Cece a “surprise” bachelorette party.
Jess and Cece’s model friends are getting along for once in the midst of Cece’s bachelorette party, but that’s actually the least of Jess’ worries, as it comes out that Cece had sex with Schmidt about a month ago and also neglected to tell her about that.

Speaking of Schmidt, as you might have guessed he’s not exactly taking Cece’s wedding very well. When Jess asks the guys to “kidnap” Cece’s groom, Shivrang while she orchestrates the bachelorette party, one way Schmidt copes is trying to pick up nearly every woman at the bar.
But Shivrang just may walk in on Schmidt at Cece’s apartment before the episode is over. Another classic Schmidt line: “Shivrang. What are you doing here?”

In the midst of all the Nick-and-Jess smooching and Schmidt-Cece-chasing, did we forget that the amazing Brenda Song (Daisy) is currently romancing Winston on New Girl?? I think not.
You can check out some spoiler details on their budding relationship below, via showrunner Liz Meriwether (right after you metaphorically lynch me for that accidental pun).
“She’s really funny and we really like her,” creator Liz Meriwether says, noting that because Jess/Nick and Schmidt/Cece are hitting bumpy roads ahead, the romance quotient on the show will, for now, be filled by Winston. “She’s tough love for him, which is fun and gives it back to him pretty intensely. She’s almost like a coach for him.”
So yes, in case you were wondering, Brenda Song will be back for more New Girl episodes. What did you think of her character in “Cooler”, and are you excited to see more of Winston’s new romance with Daisy?