Another Teen Wolf S3 Spoiler

Season 3 will not feature any lacrosse.

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, the staple sport of Teen Wolf‘s Beacon Hills will not be featured this year! According to E! Online, season 3 will not feature the sport that replaced basketball when the premise of a teen werewolf trying to survive high school moved from the big screen to the little screen. Apparently this is because, when the show starts back up again this summer, it will be at a different point in the school year than we have seen in the last two seasons, so it would make sense that it’ll be the off-season for lacrosse. Instead, the team will be taking up cross country!

Perhaps it won’t be as violent or adrenaline-filled as lacrosse, but we’re sure the writers will find a way to incorporate some drama into the sport. And perhaps we’ll see some of the girls participating instead of just sitting on the bleachers. We do know that Allison likes to run!
And, if you’re worried the infamous locker room won’t be seen quite as often, E! Online has promised fans that’s just not the case: “Don’t worry, there will still be plenty of shirtless locker room scenes.” The biggest question now is, will Coach still be coaching Scott and the others? We know Orny Adams has been filming recently, so maybe he’s also the cross country coach!