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First look at the Alpha Twins, Ethan and Aiden, shirtless:

According to SpoilerTV, episode seven will be titled “Currents.”

We know the first episode of season 3 will be titled “Tattoo,” and will open with Isaac being injured. Episode two will be called “Chaos Rising,” and will find “Derek and Scott fighting side-by-side for their lives.” Meanwhile, episode three will be titled “Fireflies,” which will have “Scott and Derek asking for help from an unexpected person.”

The other (small) bits of information we know are that Dylan O’Brien (Stiles) helped pen a scene for episode 3×06, and that episode 3×08 will feature a young Derek Hale, presumably for the promised flashback episode.

Season 3 of Teen Wolf will see Stiles trying to move on from Lydia. Unfortunately, it looks like his quest for love might give him more than he’s bargained for!

In a new spoiler from TVLine, we learn that Stiles is definitely going to try to find someone new. But will it work? Well, maybe.

According to executive producer Jeff Davis, “His efforts, however, are exactly what lead him and Scott into the new mystery of the season. While other teenagers just discover the pain of heartache, Scott and Stiles discover dead bodies.”

That sounds ominous! We know that Stiles is going to become a pseudo-detective this season starting around the second and third episode. We also have this picture of Stiles with another girl. Fans speculate that it could be Heather, his childhood friend. If this behind-the-scenes photo is anything to go by, it definitely looks like Caitlin Custer’s character is getting close to Stiles.

But this is a dangerous time in Beacon Hills. Perhaps something happens to the girl, and Stiles becomes determined to solve the puzzle. It’s definitely worrying that Davis specifically mentions dead bodies, especially since we know this season’s body count is going to be even higher than the previous two seasons.


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