13 Romantic Movies For Valentine's Day 2013

Valentine’s Day – or what some people like to refer to as Singles’ Awareness Appreciation Day (Galentine’s Day, if you’re Leslie Knope) – is today. And hopefully you didn’t forget to buy your loved one a present, or plan whatever it is you two do together. Anyways, we’ve compiled a list of romantic movies ranging from the serious and heart-wrenching to the funny and charming in honor of the holiday. One movie for every year from 2000 leading up to 2013. Maybe you and the S.O. are planning a night in? Consider one of these movies:

Weekend (2011)
Russell (Tom Cullen) is a lonely guy who only has one true friend, a fellow foster kid. He thinks he’s comfortable with his small apartment and his dead-end lifeguard job, until he has a one-night stand with Glen (Chris New). The next morning, the two guys get to talking and fall in love over the course of a weekend. Each one has his own hang-ups in the love department: Russel is not yet fully comfortable with his sexuality and Glen has trust issues from an ex, but together they move on in the face of big career changes. What makes this movie great is its matter-of-fact Before Sunrise approach to documenting true love.

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