Favorite Comic Book Couples

As Valentine’s Day approaches we here at House of Geekery are taking a look at our personal favorite couples from comic books. You can find them listed below in no particular order.

Barbara Gordon and Dick Grayson (DC Comics)
Barbara and Dick worked together in the Bat-family for a long time while Babs was Batgirl and Dick was Robin. It wasn’t until they had become Oracle and Nightwing that the relationship really began to blossom. Their relationship is built on a long history of friendship and trust, which makes it very believable. Not to mention their relationship is yet another example of Oracle’s groundbreaking exposure for people with disabilities. Babs and Dick deal with real-life issues and have a relationship that’s both wonderful and relatable. The new 52 has given Babs back her ability to walk and reset their relationship to where they are flirty friends. Here’s hoping they can end up together in this universe as well.
- Jamie Z.

Archie and Betty (Archie Comics)
Archie and Betty have been stuck in a love triangle for over 70 years with Betty’s best friend Veronica. While there are some out there who root for the goofy but lovable Archie to end up with the spoiled rich girl Veronica, everyone knows that he really belongs with sweet-natured girl-next-door Betty. Unfortunately (and despite the misleading “Archie Marries Betty” title” we may never know who Archie ends up with in the end. Regardless, it is Archie and Betty’s sweet relationship that one of my favorites to read.
- Jamie Z.

Kate Kane and Renee Montoya (DC Comics)
There aren’t too many depictions of LGBT characters in the comic world but luckily we do get Kate Kane and Renee Montoya. Kate spends her nights masquerading as Gotham’s hero Batwoman while Renee started out as one of Gotham’s finest police offices and ends up a superhero herself. Their relationship showed us two strong three-dimensional women who don’t fit neatly into LGBT stereotypes in a normal relationship and even though we didn’t see much of it, the interactions between the two women post-relationship remind us of our own complicated love lives.
- Jamie Z.

Gambit and Rogue (Marvel Comics)
If you’ve ever felt blue-balled in a sexless relationship with a frigid partner, then you might have a glimpse of just what it was like between Gambit and Rogue from the X-Men. I mean, Gambit’s a total lady-killer who has no problems getting laid every night, but he goes and falls in love with someone who unconditionally drains you to death through physical contact! Not only does this mean there can’t be any sex in their relationship, but they can’t even kiss or rub noses. For a guy like Gambit to give up limitless sex to be in a purely non-physical relationship with Rogue is a testament to the love he feels for her.
- Drew

Superman and Lois Lane (DC Comics)
This is a couple that has existed for the longest time, and they have actually stood the test of time. I feel as if Superman/Clark Kent needs his Lois Lane and in return we’d have no Lois without him. The relationship is a core factor within the character of Superman/Clark Kent, and many of those things that gives him humanity have to do with Lois. It is a love that lasts and pairing that still gets to me. It doesn’t feel right when they aren’t together, they are a match made in heaven.
- Marcey

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