9:46 pm - 02/13/2013

Deadmau5 Hates Kanye West


Deadmau5 will not be working with Kanye West any time soon.

His comments appear in a story in the February/March issue of Vibe, the cover of which he shares with Mary J Blige Asked which rapper he would like to design a live show for, the Canadian electro-house producer said: “Anyone other than f---ing Kanye. I f---ing hate him.”

Deadmau5 also revealed whom he would call when in a pinch.

“If I’m having problems with my label, I can always talk to Tommy Lee, who’s been sued more times than anyone I know,” he said. “It makes my life not feel so f---ing bad.”

The superstar DJ, who is engaged to Kat Von D, also slammed the term "EDM," short fr "electronic dance music," saying, “Yeah, I just renamed it. I called it 'Event-Driven Marketing.'”

Deadmau5 latest record > album title goes here <,received a Grammy nomination for best dance/electronica album.

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