Evan Rachel Wood furious over paparazzi pictures


Actress Evan Rachel Wood on Wednesday fired off a series of angry tweets to vent about paparazzi pictures that show her clutching ultrasound scans of her unborn child presumably near a hospital. The photos first appeared in The Daily Mail.

"I have never been more violated by a photographer," she wrote in one tweet (below). "Thats the inside of my body and my child. Would u like my soul too? nothing is sacred."

Wood, who is married to actor Jaime Bell, asked The Daily Mail via Twitter to take down the images. The 25-year-old says the ultrasound scans are "private medical records" and calls the photographer's actions an "invasion."

After her tweets appeared, the link to The Daily Mail story now brings up this message: "The page you have requested does not exist or is no longer available."


I'm such a hypocrite ONTD, I look at paparazzi pictures all the time, then feel bad when things like this happen. :(