Is Dr. Phil Taking Advantage of Alabama Kidnapping Victim?

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So, I used to live in Dothan, AL, a few minutes from Midland City, where Ethan was kidnapped and a lot of my family still lives there. My uncle was one of the first police officers on scene and was there until the end. Anyway, I'm friends with a few of Ethan's family members on Facebook and his aunt had some things to say that I found interesting. I hope this is post worthy!

These are from his aunts Facebook. She has made these posts public on her profile so more people could see them and share. You can check them out here

"I would like to thank everyone for your prayers for Ethan and our family. Thank you to Mr. Poland, a true American hero! I have been praying for his family, that God would ease their pain and give them comfort at this time of sorrow! I have been praying for all of the children that were on the school bus as well! I would especially like to say thank you to the Wiregrass Angel House, the District Attorney's office, and ALL of the law enforcement agencies that have helped us throughout this crisis!

There has been many things said, some true and some false. We have not been able to heal as a family. This is what I do know. Dr. Phil Mcgraw flew into Dothan, Al and had my sister, Ethan's mother, go to Montgomery, Al for an interview. After speaking with Ethan's mother on the phone, she informed me that she and Ethan would be headed to Texas to meet with doctors. With everything that has happened, I feel that my sister is not currently in the right frame of mind to make these types of decisions. I feel that she and Ethan have been taken advantage of. I only wish the very best for Ethan, and I do not think that taking him away from the people who love him most is the best for him.

Please feel free to share this post and continue praying for all of the people involved!"

Ethan's Aunt Vickie

The preview for the episode, which airs tomorrow.

"This is what I wrote to Dr. Phil under Ask Dr Phil. I'm sure he wont read it, but I felt I had to try. Wanted you to see it. Hope it was okay.

I have never been a big fan of yours. I thought when you first came on the Oprah show you were okay. But never my cup of tea. But others think you're some type of super healer for the emotionally sick. Being a doctor of psychology, I feel the way you have handled the family of Ethan Gillman is reprehensible. Your promo for this story, "How will this family move forward after this ordeal?" What a joke! You would have to ask the family. Not the mother. You would need to find out the dynamics of the entire family before you could responsibly answer the question. You would have to speak with the maternal grandmother who has been the most involved person in his life for the past 4 years. But you didn't. Your handlers of this story made sure no one else in the family was spoken with about this case.

I thought you were here to help families? I thought you were here to make positive changes in this child's life? When you spoke with the grown brother the night of the abduction, he thought you were sincere when you said you wanted to help.

The family understands the angle of the media and the angle of some local politicians. But they didn't realize that your show was cut from the same cloth as those such as 20/20 and 60 minutes.

How sad that when all the cameras are gone and all the politicians who wanted to have their picture made with "Dr. Phil" have went on to other prey, it will be the real family who will be here to deal with Ethan and his special needs.

And since you didn't take any time with these family members they will have to continue to go it alone and do the best they can. How sad! You should be ashamed!"

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You can read the full story about Ethan's kidnapping here.