Asian-American group Aziatix Signs a $11.3 Million Contract with with Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne’s Ag

Joining the YMCMB family tree, Aziatix recently signed a huge record deal with Cash Money Records.

At the 55th Grammy Awards on February 9 (PST), Cash Money Records founder and CEO, Slim, announced to the red carpet reporters that Aziatix has signed on with the company.

Slim revealed plans to make Aziatix into a successful global group.

It’s said the contract is over 11.3 million dollars, making it the biggest record deal between an Asian-American hip-hop group and an overseas company.

Covering the Cash Money Grammy party, Billboard Biz quoted Josh Berkman, Cash Money’s A&R, on Aziatix.

“We were courting Aziatix before Psy broke, but that certainly helped,” said Berkmanm, who believes Aziatix is a new worldwide focus for the company.

On February 10, Flowsik wrote on his Facebook, “After years of wishful thinking, faith, doubt, hard work, and patience, I am officially signed to Cash Money Records/YMCMB…thank you to all our AZIADDICTS…time to work even hard now. #GodisGood #DreamsDoComeTrue #OnlyifyouBelieve #andnevergiveup #accordingtoyourcalling.”

Meanwhile, Aziatix is currently in LA, filming its new music video with Grammy-award winning producer RedOne and music video producer Jeff Panzer.


For those new to Aziatix....

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