the female boss, you are not!

Tulisa Constavolos Sues for 'Scream & Shout'; Claims She Wrote It

Tulisa is suing for publishing royalties after claiming she wrote part of his track 'Scream & Shout'.

According to The Sun, Tulisa wrote the song with's friend and producer, Jean Baptiste, before the former Black Eyed Peas man recorded his own version of the track with Britney Spears.

A source told the newspaper: "Tulisa is still fuming with Will for taking the song off her. The fact the song blew up only makes it worse. She’s well within her right to claim some of the publishing money. If she proves the words are hers, she could get a huge payout."

Tulisa, whose debut album 'The Female Boss' was a major flop, claims she wrote the lyric: "When you hear this in the club, you’d better turn this shit up." The track was originally called 'I Don't Give A Fuck', and was due to appear on her album. If successful with her suit, the singer will have to be listed as a co-writer on the track.


I think someone is just pressed that her solo album debuted at #34 and disappeared from the Top 100 a week later; and all her followup singles charted at below Nicole Scherzinger levels of flopdom. Go back into your hole troll with this ridiculous claim.