5:28 pm - 02/09/2013

lol nickelodeon drama

There's been a lot of chitter chatter amongst Nick/Victorious fans about the sketchy (non)ending of the show, with many blaming the creation of "Sam & Cat", a spinoff series to both "iCarly" and "Victorious", starring Jenette McCurdy and Ariana Grande.
And yesterday, a seemingly fed up Ariana Grande snapped at an accusation made by someone through her ask.fm account where Ariana proceeded to claim the cancellation of the show is all Victoria Justice's fault (girl pls).

Here is a screencap of the (deleted) Q&A.

And apparently Victoria had something to say about it with this (deleted) cryptic tweet short after:

To which Ariana replied:

Like I said, the first two incidents were deleted and Ariana has since "apologized" after being called out and starting up a Twitter war amongst fans.


lmao this is all a damn mess. between this and jennette's drama a couple weeks ago.. i can't. at least now my irrational dislike for ariana is now rational tbh
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