Major New Girl Spoilers!


NEW GIRL (9:00-9:30 PM ET/PT) – “Parking Spot”
When Schmidt discovers a previously unknown, yet highly-coveted parking spot, Jess and the roommates battle it out to see who will get to use it.
Meanwhile, Winston has a hard time finding a condom when he gets an impromptu invitation from Daisy (guest sta Brenda Song).
MAJOR SPOILER ALERT! hen Nick’s dad, Walt passes away (remembe episode 13 this season, “A Father’s Love”?), Jess, Winston, and Schmidt join him in flyin to Chicago or the funeral. What ensues? Pure and utter mayhem of course.
You can check out our exclusive spoilers below for a March episode of New Girl, season episode 20, “Chicago”:
Jess and the guys accompany Nick bac home o Chicago for his father’s funeral, where a lot more goes wrong than Schmidt “losing his luggage”. Let’s just say Nick’s family isn’t exactly big on funeral-planning, so Nick’s mom, Bonnie leaves poor Nick stuck with crazy Old Aunt Ruthie and all th last-minute reparations (including hiring an Elvis look-a-like) while his dumb brother, Jamie and cousin Bobby from Boston argue at each other’s throats the entire time.
Seeing Nick in a tailspin over the funeral planning, Jess offers her assistance. But coming with Nick and the guys for his dad’s funeral gives Jess an opportunity to fully see what the Miller family is really like – “too many Millers”, as Nick puts it. In other words, completely and totally insane. But Jess may just give Nick’s mom, Bonnie a talking-to when the Mrs. Miller voices her opinion that Jess doesn’t really have a good reason to be at the funeral.

If it seems like Schmidt will be acting strange this episode, it’s not your imagination. “Losing his luggage” just may be one of his excuse not o attend Nick’s dad’s funeral, Winston uncovering the reason why as they look for proper funeral attire at a “largely black clientele” shop. (Hint: Schmidt just may be deathly afraid of death.) Winston meanwhile, deals with death in a very teary way. We’re talking the waterworks.
New GirlFun Fact: id you know Nick’s actor, Jake Johnson is actually from Chicago? Are you looking forward to finally seeing the Miller family dynamic, and how Jess fits into it all?
Spoilers were just posted or season episode 20 New Girl coming up, called “Chicago” – an episode where we’ll get to meet Nick’s mom, and Entertainment Weekly has reported n Zap2It confirmed he actress cast to play Mrs. Miller.
“You recently had a brief chance to hang out wit Nick’s dad (Dennis Farina) efore he slipped out the door. Now you’re about to meet a few more members of the Miller family, including his mother, who will beplayed by Margo Martindale of Justified fame, EW has learned.
“In the episode, which will air on Fox in March, the gan travelsto Chicago, where Nick (Jake Johnson) was raised. Jess (Zooey Deschanel) & co. are surprised to discover that Nick is actually the most responsible and mature member of his family. His hard-nosed, emotional mother is skeptical of her son’s relationship with Jess, and, well, of Jess in general.”
“Audiences will meet Nick’s mother in a March episode when the roommate travel o Chicago (as first reported by There, the friends will be surprised to learn that — compared to the rest of his family — Nick is actually a pretty responsible and mature person.
Yes, Mom is that nutty.
The lady is described as extremely emotional and rather stubborn. Unfortunately for Jess (Zooey Deschanel), Nick’s mom isn’t such a fan. Whether or not Nick and Jess manage to have a relationship of any sort by this point, at least one member of the Miller fan will not approve.”
What do you think of the casting for Nick’s mom?
Updated Spoilers! I his interview with E! Online, MaxGreenfield a.k.a. everyone’s favorite douche, Schmidt), confirmed wha New Girl reator, Liz Meriwether was sayin about Schmidt nd Cece this season.
Speaking of, is there any hope for Cece and Schmidt?
“There’s hope, and then tha hope is ashed. And then there’s hope again and that hope is broken and if it goes back and forth, back and forth.”
Would you like to see them together?
“Yeah, I would. I’m so tired I feel ike I’m chasing her every episode. At this point, like forget Schmidt! As an actor, I’m tired. I want to be in a relationship where we can just…like an episode where Schmidt and his girlfriend, Cece watch TV, see what’s on the DVR. ‘What did we TiVo today, honey?’ That’s real life.”
Ha. Looks like both Nick and Jes and chmidt and Cece will be doing a lot of “back and forth” and “push and pull” this season.
It’s not exactly a secret that w New Girl ans are itching to know what Jake Johnson (Nick) and the show’s writers mean b a “big development” for Nick and Jess n this season’s near future – but apparently, this “big development&rdquo is secret!
“[E! Online] asked Jake Johnson if he had any specifics on the big hookup [between Nick and Jess], but of course, he kept mum. ‘There’s going to be a major development,’ Johnson coyly reveals. ‘There writing a lot more for us together for the Nick-Jess story to progress, and it’s been really fun to do.’
This week’s episode, “Pepperwood” wa fun nough in terms of some (innocent) Nick-and-Jess action. So now of course all our brains are flying into high gear to try and figure just what’s coming up soon on the Nick-and-Jess front.
If you’re more of a Schmidt-and-Cece person though, I’ve got some spoilers for you on that front too.
“With Cece on the path to an arrange marriage, Schmidt will do ‘everything he possibly can’ to prevent that, MaxGreenfield tells [TV Guide]. ‘He’s making a full push for Cece. Every time he gets close, a disaster happens, and then he gets back in the friend zone, and then he pushes again and then a disaster happens.’”
How many more disasters can one Schmidt take? Guess we’ll be finding out soon. Do you think Cece will go through with this whole arranged marriage, and what do you think’s going to happen exactly between Nick and Jess this season?