is it me or is Naevea getting crazier? I mean she has good reason but I hope she doesn't self-destruct. But then obvs tragedy is coming.

that creepy ass girl lol if she keeps stalking Gannicus. Lol more if he dumps Saxa for her.

Why is that lady keeping all the Romans in a cellar or something? Lol because they're basically more protected than the ppl who took over their city

Caesar is hard core choppin that poor dude's head. Lol I just now realized that we named a salad after him. Well, he worked hard for it.

Tiberius is gonna get his ass kicked.

Agron/Nasir was a long time coming but yeah the camera seemed scared to be around the buttsex

LOL Naevea/Crixus just kind of chillin on their own off to the side watching everyone get drunk lolll

Liking the season so far but the Romans characters are boring. The last batch were flawless admit it.