These Best Picture Posters Deserve an Oscar of Their Own

The actual movie posters for this year's Best Picture nominees have nothing on these. The Academy teamed up with Gallery1988 (which we've written about before) to commission artists to create screen prints inspired by the top films. The final products are beautiful and evocative of the themes and moods of the movies they represent. While we like them all, we're partial to the haunting, reflective take on Beasts of the Southern Wild. You can learn more about the artists here.

Artist: Phantom City Creative
Movie: Les Misérables

Artist: Anthony Petrie
Movie: Argo

Artist: Rich Kelly
Movie: Beasts of the Southern Wild

Artist: Mark Englert
Movie: Django Unchained

Artist: Tom Whalen
Movie: Life of Pi

Artist: Joshua Budich
Movie: Silver Linings Playbook

Artist: Godmachine
Movie: Zero Dark Thirty

Amour & Lincoln @ the source

They did such a half assed job with the ZDT one, seriously.