Noted Homophobe Orson Scott Card To Pen New Superman Series

DC Comics just announced a digital-first series called the Adventures of Superman this week, which is launching in April, Comics Alliance reports:

Among those contributing are ComicsAlliance favorites Jeff Parker (Bucko, Red She-Hulk) and Chris Samnee (Daredevil, The Rocketeer: Cargo of Doom), who will collaborate on a story about Superman's first encounter with Lex Luthor. But before that, Adventures of Superman begins with a two-part story written by popular novelist Orson Scott Card (Ender's Game) and drawn by the great Chris Sprouse and Karl Story

Unfortunately, for DC Comics, Card is a well-known homophobe and anti-gay activist who in 2008 called for the overthrow of government if Prop 8 fails.

If you want a good sample of his writings on gays, check out this column entitled Homosexual "Marriage" and Civilization.

You may recall that two years ago Card was under fire for penning a new printing of Hamlet. William Alexander wrote a review of it:

Here's the punch line: Old King Hamlet was an inadequate king because he was gay, an evil person because he was gay, and, ultimately, a demonic and ghostly father of lies who convinces young Hamlet to exact imaginary revenge on innocent people.

And finally, not sure what his status is at the moment, but last we checked he was a board member of the National Organization for Marriage.