A GoT post in preparation of this stormy day

Season 3 trailer to hit HBO On Demand on Feb. 25

The HBO On Demand site has updated listings for the coming month which reveal the date the trailer for Game of Thrones season three is set to be available… February 25. Assuming this follows the general convention of going up the day after it airs, we can presume that the full trailer will air on HBO on February 24.

Additionally, a feature called “About Game of Thrones” is set to hit On Demand on Feb. 18. This is a 3 minute long video promises to let viewers “delve inside the world of ‘Game of Thrones’ in this compelling overview of this fascinating new HBO series.”

Winter Is Coming: I’m very surprised that HBO is waiting this long to air a full trailer for a new season of one of their most anticipated shows. It is possible that the trailer could debut online a week or two ahead of time (Entertainment Weekly exclusively debuted the season one trailer online first). But assuming that does not happen, it looks like we will have to wait another two weeks to see the trailer.

DISH* hosting a contest to attend the LA Premiere of Season 3 on March 18

*It goes without saying, but you have to be a DISH customer to enter the contest.

Since I am not a DISH customer, the best part of this news is that there is going to be an official premiere!

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I am in agreement with WiC in that this trailer is REALLY late, especially compared to last year. :/ YAY FOR AN OFFICIAL LA PREMIERE THO! We didn't get a full fledged premiere last year, just the DVD release party, so I'm glad HBO is giving GoT the full premiere treatment (I just wish it was in NYC, but I'll take what I can get).