Shonda Rhimes Addresses 'Harrison's' Lack Of A Central Storyline In 'Scandal'

Rhimes talks about what comes next in a session with The Hollywood Reporter this morning. If you don't want to know anything about the future of the show, I suggest you don't read it.

But what really got my attention was her answer to the question about Harrison (played by Columbus Short, the one series regular supporting black guy) not having any kind of central storyline (while others have thus far). THR asked Shonda what's up with that, and whether he'll have his chance to shine eventually.

Rhimes' reply:

I consider Harrison to be the gun on the wall that we haven't fired on purpose. The story of Harrison and his past -- he used to work for Adnan Salif and then he went to jail -- that thing that's going to unfold, that's a giant story that we want to unpack when it suits us most. We've been holding onto it. We will be getting glimpses and hints as to what's to come.

She doesn't say when exactly audiences can expect Harrison's story to rise to the top; just the above hints and teases. But, as she states, it's all by design, and Harrison's story is a "giant" one that will be "unpacked" when it makes sense.

Hopefully the series isn't off the air before that time comes...


Harrison is the only person on the OPA team that I really like, looking forward to them exploring more of his character