Fall Out Boy UK ticket sales deemed "ridiculous" by fans

Fans took to Twitter to complain after tickets for Fall Out Boy's one-off show seemed to go on sale three minutes before they were supposed to.

The already in demand tickets were set to go on sale at 9am, but fans complained that by then, the tickets were already sold out.

Not only that, but the ticketing website See Tickets had no reserve system in place - so even though fans had selected two tickets, they were informed that they were no longer available after they had finished entering their payment details.

Tickets are already being resold on other websites for as much as £300 - despite the tickets originally selling for £18.15 on the See Tickets page, making the price 2000% of face value.

Fans also expressed their anger on the comments page for the event, with Bella Long writing, "See tickets you are a f**king disgrace. Don't say you're putting tickets on at nine and then put them on 3 minutes before.

"I got to putting my details in and then it said they were sold out before it was even f**king nine. Now so many people who love them as much as me will never get a chance like this again, I hope you're happy you c**ts."

Esther Hamill added, "How could this sell out at 8.57 when the tickets weren't due to go on sale until 9 am?"

Tickets were already listed as sold out by 9am this morning - when they were supposed to go on sale

Fans have also been tweeting See Tickets, with Kristian Willmott posting, "@seetickets you put fall out boy tickets on sale before 9am! WHY?! Also i had tickets, entered details, took seconds, then it said no."

See Tickets have only responded to one Fall Out Boy fan, who asked what the phone number was for complaints - although they did add that "we're quite busy at the moment."