Jesse Eisenberg, Emile Hirsch, and Diane Kruger to star in Midnight Sun (NOT Twilight-related)

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Even though he didn't feature in Whit Stillman's "Damsels In Distress," the last year or so has seen the director's muse Chris Eigeman, who starred in "Metropolitan," "Barcelona" and "The Last Days Of Disco," become rather more visible again. There's the potential of a reunion with his favorite director in the works, and Eigeman's been cropping up on TV in the acclaimed likes of "Girls" and "Bunheads" in the last twelve months, but it looks like the comeback might be complete, as Eigeman's prepping his second directorial feature, and has attracted a pretty impressive cast.

Screen Daily report that Eigeman's "Midnight Sun," a 1940s-set drama, has Jesse Eisenberg, Emile Hirsch and Diane Kruger all lined up to star. Set against the backdrop of the creation of the A-bomb (indeed, Richard Rhodes, who won the Pulitzer for his book "The Making of the Atomic Bomb," is consulting on the project), it follows two young post-grads (presumably Eisenberg and Hirsch) who, in 1943, are recruited by the government to work on a secret project. Any guesses as to what that secret project might be?

We have to confess we never saw Eigeman's 2007 directorial debut "Turn The River," but have heard mostly good things. And this sounds like potentially fascinating subject matter, especially with three fine actors like Eisenberg (who continues to make excellent choices), Hirsch and Kruger involved. The project is being sold at the European Film Market this week, and shooting should get underway in the summer, so hopefully we'll see it on screens in 2014.


Other Eisenberg News: The Revisionist starts on the 15th, and he'll do an interview with Thane Rosenbaum at the 92Y this coming Monday. Fun fact: Apparently he went skinny dipping in hot springs in Oregon with Peter Saarsgard and Dakota Fanning didn't want to join in because she felt uncomfortable to be naked around them, lol.

The movie is intriguing but I dislike how Jesse gets himself into these creative niches. He’s played out the “nerdy, awkward teenager” role, changed pace somewhat with The Social Network, but now keeps playing these supersmart, arrogant, secretive roles with Now You See Me and Night Moves, and now this (even with Holy Rollers). The Double seems to combine the two. Even Asuncion and The Revisionist have similar themes and characters. Kind of annoying. I guess it’ll be nice to see him and Emile Hirsch again in a movie.