Misc- Freak Flag
I did the Lap-Band and it didn't work for me because it restricts my food intake too much. I was eating less than 1,000 calories a day (between not being hungry and not being able to eat a lot of food at one time) and didn't lose any weight. Then I started gaining again.

I finally had a couple of loosenings and am now eating around 1,700 calories a day (I'm using the Lose It! app on my iphone) and have lost more weight in the last two months than I did in the last year.

And, even knowing now that that's the reason why I didn't lose weight until now as well as seeing on a day-to-day basis that I will gain two pounds in a day if I didn't eat enough the day before AND still having fluid in my Band -- I still have to eat junk food some days to hit my calorie intake. In fact, I was very active at the gym for a couple of months and then realized that I had to choose between being in shape but not losing the weight (because there was no way for me to hit 1,700 calories AND make up what I was losing by working out) or just to lose weight.

I'm not saying that that's everyone's problem, but it was mine and the Lap-Band was the third worst thing I could have done to lose weight (second and first worst things being the Sleeve or Gastric Bypass which aren't technically reversible).

Mind you, I still think that the Lap-Band is a wonderful tool when it works and I know two handfuls of people who have been very successful on it.

But it is a hell of a lot easier to commit to eating more food for a week or two to see if that helps than it is to do a two-week liquid diet for no reason.