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One time I did Weight Watchers and I lost 60lbs in about 8 months (which, honestly wasn't really noticeable, or at least I didn't notice and I was still wearing the same clothes as always) but then I had to have some major surgery and I couldn't work out, had to increase calories, etc. I did think Weight Watchers was pretty easy, but I felt like they gave me *way* too many points. Like I was leaving 10-15 points unused every day, never using any of the activity or flex points. Maybe that's why it worked, IDK. I'm thinking about rejoining, but they changed the plan so I'm wondering how this new 360 plan compares to the old Points Plus/Flex Points plans.

I don't think I have PCOS, everything as far as my cycle and stuff is pretty normal. But it was really frustrating to work out and really really watch what I eat and see barely anything happen. I'd think I wasn't working out hard enough, and yet other people would say things like they just took walks or started with a few minutes of activity and lost weight and I'd be like "I'm eating 1000 calories a day and working out to the point of feeling like shit and I'm not losing half that." It became so exhausting to maintain.