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Don't know anything about you, but a couple of things about weight loss. A lot of people eat way too little to loose weight thinking the less is more route. Your body still needs a certain caloric intake to function without thinking you are in a famine like environment. I love doing Weight Watchers and loose a crap ton of weight when I actually eat what I'm supposed to and don't slack off.

If that isn't the issue, I know of quite a few girls who do everything right and don't loose an ounce only to find out they have insulin resistance due to PCOS. It's not diabetes, but very similar and with a combination of following a diabetic diet and treatment for the PCOS, were finally able to drop weight.

That said, if I ever win the lottery (gotta buy tickets to win...) I am going to do the lap band myself because my stomach is just too big and always feels empty after a regular human sized meal and I have no idea how to shrink it naturally.