9:56 pm - 02/05/2013

‘Teen Wolf’ season 3 spoilers: Allison gets a potential new love interest, Derek gets a new look

Teen Wolf season 3 spoilers are coming in fast and heavy these days, and we’ve got some more information about potential love interests for Allison and Scott, plus a hint that Derek got a little bit of a makeover!

This morning, EOnline shared some info about Allison and Scott’s relationship – or, rather, lack thereof.

With a few more female characters added in this year, fans have been wondering if Scott will be hooking up with any of them. Tyler Posey says he won’t, explaining, “So far they just want to kill me! So far no new potential love interests. Not yet.”

Hm. That “not yet” has us wondering. Perhaps Posey knows more than he lets on. Do you want to see Scott with a new girlfriend, or are you holding out for him and Allison to get back together?

Allison, on the other hand, may be moving on a little bit quicker than Scott. EOnline goes on to say, “[she] may or may not have a new love interest in season three and it may or may not be someone viewers have already met.”

Interesting! What do you think of this new potential love interest for Allison? Any ideas who it could be?

In another spoiler chat, this time with Zap2It, we learn a little bit more about Derek’s new apartment, which we saw earlier this week.

It seems that Derek’s new apartment will be quite the residence! Zap2It is sure to point out the fact that it does, indeed, have a bed, AND the site mentions that it will “be put to very good use this season.” We guess that makes Hayley Webb one lucky lady!

Are you excited to see Derek’s softer side?

The apartment used to feature more furniture, but executive producer Jeff Davis asked for some of it to be removed. Considering he lived in a burned down house for the better part of two seasons, we’re not surprised that he wouldn’t have a lot of useless things lying around.

So where did Derek get the furniture? “Most of this stuff, he probably found in the trash,” Davis said. Is he joking? Maybe. But maybe not. We wouldn’t put it past Derek to do a little dumpster diving. Could you even imagine him going to an IKEA and buying real furniture?

And it looks like Derek’s living quarters aren’t the only thing changing this year. According to Tyler Hoechlin himself, his character’s wolf teeth got redesigned since last season. Chances are they won’t be that different, but we’re also not sure how exactly they’d change.

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omg I (almost) never go into tags. Tags are places of despair and terrible things. I'm happy in my little bubble where I follow mostly people I've actually talked to, or are friends of friends, or authors/artists I really admire.

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