7:13 pm - 02/05/2013

KRIS HUMPHRIES - It's Not My Fault Kim's Pregnancy was Unplanned

jtaps 6th-Feb-2013 04:50 am (UTC)
That's my point though, everyone pretty much knows how reality shows work. It's not like him saying anything about how "scripted" it is would be damaging to them, and lets face it, the Kardashians basically thrive on any type of publicity they get. Also like I said, if indeed their marriage was a sham, I would bet my 2 kidneys they were BOTH in on it. He could use his own publicity too, and he wanted his name out there, it's obvious even now.
Plus whatever he says now just paints him as a bruised ego butt hurt attention craver with bad game and the Ks have a lot more headline power than him. I just feel like no matter how hard he tries, he's going to be exactly what he started as in her life, which is background noise.
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