The 10 Most Disliked Athletes in America


Lance Armstrong had two decades of professional racing and seven Tour de France championships to his credit before he became America’s most disliked athlete. That happened, of course, when he acknowledged that he cheated through much of the ride. For Manti Te’o, it took little more than a day, following the revelation of a fake girlfriend, to join Armstrong at the top of the list.


Lance Armstrong
Appeal: 15%
The doping confession to Oprah didn’t yield much sympathy. In a virtual tie with Manti Te'o at the top, but Armstrong's broader name recognition gives him the nod.

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Manti Te'o
Linebacker, University of Notre Dame
Appeal: 15%
Apparently the online girlfriend hoax wasn’t his idea, but most people figure he embellished the extent of the relationship for personal attention. Te'o's appeal rating went from 88% to 15% almost overnight.

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Alex Rodriguez
Third Baseman, New York Yankees
Appeal: 22%
Where to even start with A-Rod, the human drama that’s entering the 10th year of a Broadway run? That’s longer than 'Jersey Boys.' Depending on the outcome of his latest PED fiasco, Rodriguez could easily shoot higher.

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Michael Vick
Quarterback, Philadelphia Eagles
Appeal: 23%
See Metta World Peace - reputations take a while to come back. At least Vick is moving steadily down the list from the top spot he used to occupy.

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Kobe Bryant
Guard, Los Angeles Lakers
Appeal: 27%
Always polarizing, and still feeling residual heat from a 10-year-old rape allegation that was never prosecuted.

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What athletes do you dislike ONTD? Kobe's on here, so I'm good lol