6:20 pm - 02/05/2013

Behind The Scenes of the Puppy Bowl 2013



Dachshund Harry and his sister, Sally, spend their days playing and napping. But, life wasn’t always easy for these two. Born prematurely to a mother who had to be euthanized, they were the only survivors of a litter of six, bottle-fed every two hours by Furever Dachshund Rescue Chair Laura Coulombe and her daughter, Mary.

The Puppy Bowl was filmed in November, and most of its stars have already been adopted. But Harry and Sally are still looking for homes in New England. Laura Coulombe said competing in the Puppy Bowl doesn’t guarantee a quick adoption.

“I think people really like the idea that they’re Puppy Bowl puppies, but our experience from last year is that people will adopt only because the dog is right for them,” Laura Coulombe said.

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_beka 5th-Feb-2013 11:53 pm (UTC)
What that's ridiculous. It's like they don't want these adorable pups and cats to get adopted. They should put more into trying to find these animals great homes instead of charging so much to adopt them in the first place.
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