Kim posts old pic of "Mason", brings the lulz on Instagram

Wholesome auntie and nurturing mother-to-be Kim Kardashian has shown the world the force of her maternal instincts today by posting a giant photo of her ass. The old-school Instagram pic posted this afternoon by Ms. Kanye West was labeled "My little Mason!!!!" and the image indeed bore a glimpse of the side of the tot's face, plus Kim's sister Kourtney. But it was clear the middle Kardashian isn't one to let an adorable child attract from the real focus at hand — her bangin' booty. The faux-kid pic sparked an instant boom of laughter ("C'mon Kim Kardashian you're not even holding mason," "lol we were born at night not last night hahaha") as users called her out on the flagrantly non-child-centric image. Once they were done staring, of course.

Damn, Kim! This honestly had me rolling.

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