Hey Róisín Murphy fans.. there's got to be a few, no?


In certain circles, Roisin Murphy is an icon. The Irish vocalist and former Moloko frontwoman has maintained a lively solo career since her original outfit broke up, and in the past few years, she's appeared in seemingly unrelated places by collaborating with the likes of Crookers, David Morales, and Toddla T. Now, her latest unexpected venture is a silky, disco-leaning EP for Munich's Permanent Vacation imprint.

In recent years, the former Moloko frontwoman has enjoyed a period of creative promiscuity, teaming up with Italian electro-stompers Crookers, synth-disco revivalist Mason, New York house DJ David Morales, David Byrne and Fatboy Slim, and Ninja Tune's plucky bass-music savant Toddla T. Now, with no advance notice, she turns up with a new single on Munich's Permanent Vacation label.

Produced by someone named the Crooked Man, "Simulation" is a slow-motion disco jam reduced to the bare essentials: Hissing hi-hats, daubs of Rhodes, and Murphy's own incomparable voice. Bumping and grinding through 11-and-a-half minutes of heavy breathing, and featuring one seriously ecstatic chorus (as well as a cheeky reference to Loose Joints' "Is It All Over My Face?"), the track sounds like an older, wiser version of Moloko's mega-hit "Sing It Back" — angrier, agonized, and all the sexier for it.


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Sorry Mods, added cut :)
OMG, I love her so much.. I know the song is a few months old but they finally released the video for this version, I'm hoping this means new music from her, singles/collabs are not enough! Still dreaming for a Moloko reunion.