10:34 pm - 02/04/2013

An NBA Player Gave His Teammates “Disney Fairies” Valentines

The type you passed out in elementary school to everyone. Bravo, Andray Blatche.

If I asked you which player on the Brooklyn Nets you thought was most likely to distribute 'Disney Fairies' Valentines to his fellow teammates, complete with little inspirational messages, you would probably guess goofy backup center Andray Blatche, and you would be correct.

We hope "Dray Bear" also had cards for Deron Williams and the rest of the boys, because the first rule of elementary school valentines is that IF YOU DON'T HAVE ENOUGH FOR EVERYBODY THEN NOBODY GETS ONE.

To Joe Johnson (on the left) and Gerald Wallace (on the right):


redleigh86 Re: What type of valentines did you pass out in Elementary School ONTD?5th-Feb-2013 04:18 am (UTC)
I liked getting something different every year. So like one year I got Marvel, cause of the X-Men and Spider-Man cartoons, and then the next year I did Power Rangers, and then another year I did like Gummi Bears or something and so on. But my sister always went with whatever had Minnie Mouse or if she found the scratch n sniff kind then she got those lol I did the cards from kindergarten up through twelfth grade too, so the last kind I got was Buffy!
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