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Who Will Liam Choose, Steffy or Hope on The Bold & the Beautiful?

So what are your thoughts about Eric and Taylor growing closer? Yep it looks like it just may be a go as the two start to get close. What will the rest of the family say and what you may not have heard yet is that one person in particular finds it extremely disgusting and turns their back on Taylor and it devastates her. This particular person who I will not mention but you will eventually see who it is gives Taylor a lecture about responsibility and how she Taylor is turning into the one woman she's hated for years.

For those of you wondering when we will see Ridge not to worry he is coming. Bell stated that he wanted the fans to have adequate time between Moss's leaving and the new Ridge to make it more believable for the audience who has been so used to Ronn as that character, as well as trying to work out a few bugs. Brad commented that the fans will see Ridge sooner then later and that should happen during February sweeps, but for now Brad's is going to focus on the Maya/Dayzee storyline and the Liam/Steffy/Hope storyline. It's going to pretty heavy when Maya sets her sights on revenge and little Rosey is the target. We'll see a connection between Maya and Marcus's brother and Dayzee will be caught in the middle. Nobody's going to suspect Maya when baby Rosey disappears. Yet another dusted off script, Taylor and Morgan anyone?

As for the Liam/Steffy/Hope triangle unfortunately that is still happening. After promising that the triangle was done a month or so ago and that Liam would be breaking one woman's heart, once again Brad does a U-turn and it's because of the real life things happening in both Jacqueline McGinness Wood's life and the fact that one more long term veteran has hinted they may be leaving soon which made Brad stop dead in his tracks!

Who knew Chelsea had so much fashion savvy, and now that Cane has seen what she can do will he hire her to work at Jabot? Will Chelsea be the new squeeze in Cane's life and how will this affect Lily? It appears that this may just set up an affair between Chelsea and Cane, which has been speculated as a possibility.

Victor is determined to get rid of Sharon once and for all. She has been a thorn in his side and now it's time to break that branch. What can Victor do this time to bring down Sharon? Will he do something with her medication to make her go bonkers? Then watch and wait as he makes sure the board insists that Adam fire Sharon. Will Jack help Adam when he calls in his favor?

Poor Victoria screaming and throwing a tantrum about her money. I love it when Adam called her a greedy brat!

What if TPTB had some new ideas and brought in a new enemy to challenge Victor. A female who is Victor's equal and more and turns the tables on him. A woman who is more successful, even more sneaky and eviler than Victor. It would just be fun to have a woman beat Victor. I think that might just put him over the edge. Tucker couldn't do it. Jack couldn't do it. But a woman could. Wouldn't that make for a great story?

Victoria screaming she wants her money back was quite interesting. Adam brings up the fact that NE wouldn't be where it is today if not for the three greedy brats wanting their 500 million each. Victoria responds that she was owed that money.

Y&R is looking for an actor in his 20's to play a young man from an affluent family. Could he be a Kyle recast? Or Summer's new boyfriend?

Nick conspires against Will and Lucas, concocting a scheme to trick them and secure evidence of their cover up of EJ’s shooting. Will and Lucas are unaware that Nick is taping their conversation and plays right into his hands. Will and Lucas are freaked out when skeletons from their past could be exposed.

Julie informs Gabi about Nick's time in prison, and how he got that scar.

Sami is trying to help Will with his legal problems and goes to EJ for help. In the midst of their conversation they fall into each others arms, and afterwards decide it is best to keep their renewed relationship quiet for now.

Sami runs into Rafe and he goes off on her about EJ.

Jennifer and Chloe go head to head with Jen telling her that she will not give up Daniel and Chloe will have to fight her for him. Chloe is willing to go up against Jen. Chloe tries to extract info out of Jennifer, who is more then obliged to give it up. Has Jennifer finally gotten one over on Chloe or will a medical emergency get in her way?

Kristen tries to persuade Brady to continue forward with their relationship and take the big step and get married. Brady does not appear to be interested in saying I Do but that will not stop Kristen from getting what she wants.

Kristen is starting to figure out that Nicole may just have the hots for Eric so Nicole decides to stay away from Eric, which makes Eric wonder why.

Rafe warns Gabi about Will pushing for custody of their unborn child, noting it’ll only make things worse between them.

Patrika Darbo returns as Chloe's mother Nancy mid-March when Parker has a health scare, but that is all set up by Chloe to get Daniel's attention. Parker calls Daniel "Daddy" for the first time and Daniel is thrilled!

Alison's dead! With the new mystery "Who killed Alison Barrington" John will become a suspect in Alison's death since he looks so much like Caleb thanks to Rafe Jr. From what I am being told the writers want the viewers to question whether or not vampires could be real or just a some crazy woman's imagination. When this arc ends it is supposed to leave the viewers with answers to some of the questions but also raise new ones. And alot has to do with what is going on with PP and ABC

With talk of another Quartermaine heir out there, I don't know how many of you remember back in 2009 when Franco and Carly met up at the Christmas tree store and Carly had Joss in her arms and they were arguing about who would buy a specific tree. During that conversation Franco mentioned he had a daughter named Lauren. If Ron follows through with this story it will complicate the ELQ story, no surprise there.

Now that Duke has been hired by AJ to work for ELQ how will that affect Tracy? Don't count Ms. Quartermaine out just yet, Duke will be very helpful to Tracy since he has the associations that could help her. And then we have Luke who will blackmail Carly for the information about another heir.

We had the tale of 2 Todd's, then we had the 2 Dukes, so now will there be the tale of 2 Q's? This story is planned long-term so don't expect it to wrap up soon.

As we all know Ron is all about past stories and with Laura coming he is bringing back one that old time viewers are sure to love, "The Ice Princess" revisited.

Same goes for Frisco. Just remember a revisit is not a duplication of an old story it is an exploration of old events and how they effect the present as this will be the case upon Frisco's return. We all remember Maxie's heart transplant when Mac went looking for Frisco. Felicia and Maxie's problems were discussed recently and mother and daughter healed. Now it's time for Frisco/Maxie/Felicia to do the same. Frisco and Felicia make amends which triggers the Mac/Felicia/Frisco triangle revisit. And in the end a Maxie and Spinelli goal. This is RC's way to engage in a recognizable plot, throwing many many complications in true love's way for a couple to overcome.

What if Kevin really was Ryan?

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