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Preview of DanRad in OUT Magazine

Why the star of the upcoming movie 'Kill Your Darlings' insisted on a proper audition


When John Krokidas, the director of Beat-genesis movie Kill Your Darlings, approached Daniel Radcliffe to gauge his interest in playing Allen Ginsberg, he was struck by Radcliffe’s humility. Although a marquee name whose involvement could guarantee the investment necessary to make the film, Radcliffe nevertheless insisted on a proper audition.

“I think he was nervous about whether I would want to audition or not, and so at my first meeting with him I said, ‘I want to read, I want to audition,’ because at this point in my career, I am aware that my name brings a certain kind of cachet,” recalls the actor, who is the face of Out’s upcoming March cover. “I want to know that a director wants me for me, rather than for the cachet. I can see why people are skeptical about me playing Allen Ginsberg, because I don’t like him—although, neither does James Franco—and I’m English and middle class, and not from New Jersey, but that’s what I think is so exciting about it, because people have no idea. I’ve always known I have potential to be a good actor, and I think more than a good actor, but I’ve also at times lacked the tools and didn’t have any training. When John was first auditioning me for Ginsberg, we hadn’t even done the seventh Harry Potter yet, so I was 17 or 18, and he had nothing else to go on apart from the fact that he’d seen me in Equus.”

Director Krokidas recalls the audition as a revelation. “He [Radcliffe] wanted to make sure that the primary creative collaboration in the movie was going to be between me and him, that our chemistry was going to be successful,” he said. “In some Midtown corporate boardroom, the two of us read some lines from the script together, and wow—a lot of actors talk about colors of the rainbow and different facets of emotion in their performance, and Daniel showed me colors I’d never seen before—it was astounding.”


Dan will be on the cover of OUT Magazine's March issue.

iheartfamke 5th-Feb-2013 01:14 am (UTC)
what the fuck are you going on about? did you hear this from principino?
iheartfamke 5th-Feb-2013 01:16 am (UTC)
Wait, you meant Ginsberg right? Not DanRad?
iheartfamke 5th-Feb-2013 01:30 am (UTC)
Lol no my bad, I feel dumb too for getting so heated over nothing. It was just weird accusations to throw on Harry Potter, and I was like, what??????
quizblorg 5th-Feb-2013 01:25 am (UTC)
He was even a NAMBLA member - but I'm pretty sure he didn't have any pedophilic tendencies himself. I think he was something of an ephebophile (though less so than Burroughs) - he had a 17-year-old lover when he was in his 60s (who also had sex with the then septuagenarian Burroughs). The thing one has to remember is that many, if not most founding members of NAMBLA were ephebophiles, who out of misguided hippy ideas about liberated sexuality (which weren't that uncommon at the time) advocated for pedophilia as well. Here's a good article about its history: http://www.bostonmagazine.com/articles/2006/05/boy-crazy/

Edited at 2013-02-05 01:27 am (UTC)
tundrabeast 5th-Feb-2013 02:24 am (UTC)
How the fuck can you be a NAMBLA member without pedophilic tendencies? Eesh.
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