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Brandi Glanville Has Some Advice For You!: “If You Ever Wonder If He Could Cheat, Read My Book!”

Before Brandi became the breakout star of The Real Housewives in 2011, two years earlier her husband Eddie, had an affair with married country singer LeAnn.

The drama unfolded in the tabloids like a soap opera because Glanville would not let her marriage fall apart without a fight. Today she is grateful to have survived the mess intact, and she wants you to learn from her very public agony. “My story is very different from Eddie and LeAnn’s story,” she says. “They have a love story; I have a heartbreak story. But you know what? It’s my truth.” She hopes her truth will set you free.

“Get a little revenge!” First, I called Eddie’s mom. We were very close. I had nursed her through an illness. She basically lived with us. I said, “There’s more than just LeAnn. I’m…I’m not OK.” And I got a knife, and I went out to the garage. I just took it to both of his Harleys. I hated those bikes—my dad had almost died in a motorcycle accident. I had never wanted Eddie on them, because we had children.

I slashed all of the tires, and it felt so good. I called his mom back and told her, “I want you to know, I just killed Eddie’s motorcycles.” And she was like, “Thank God.” That night when Eddie got home, I said, “I’m going to move into a hotel for a week, and you need to get out of this house.” At this point, I felt he was a very hands-off father. We had a nanny who lived with us, and it was mostly she and I raising our children.

He was like, “I love you — I’ll do anything.” And I said, “If it had been one person you cheated with, it would’ve been different.” After that I left for the hotel. He refused to move out. He wouldn’t let go of us.

And I’m like, “You don’t get to have your cake and eat it too. I’m done.”

“Try not to take the bait”

When I’m home alone on a holiday and LeAnn is tweeting pictures with my children, it breaks my heart. One way I hear from LeAnn is she’ll text me—hurtful things like, “I can’t wait to make your kids lunches and go to soccer….” Marriages break up all the time. People have affairs. Happens every day. It matters how you handle yourself after and if you’re actually remorseful. I’ve never found LeAnn to be remorseful. I found her to be like, “Nah-nah-nah-nah-nah, I got your family.”

“Limit the wallowing”

My heartache probably lasted a lot longer than it should have, because in the old days, you broke up with someone, you never saw ‘em again. You’re not seeing pictures of how in love they are. I started to drink too much. I would cry all day. I began taking an antidepressant. I got a DUI and realized I needed to wakeup and let go. I said to myself, “You know what, Brandi? You have a life to live. Why are you obsessing over these two people? You know Eddie loves your children. It’s time to do you.”

Brandi Glanville is the author of Drinking & Tweeting: And Other Brandi Blunders.

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Lyme disease, hmph I figured it would have been lemon.
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well played.
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