Destiny's Child Super-Bowl Megapost!

Beyoncé ‘demanded change to Destiny’s Child Super Bowl routine at the last minute’

Beyoncé proved she’s still the boss in Destiny’s Child after demanding the girl’s comeback Super Bowl routine was changed at the 11th hour.

Her divalicious demands emerged as fans complained on Twitter that her microphone was turned up louder than her old bandmates Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams as well.

Insiders claim Bey axed the trio’s planned performance of 1999 hit Bills, Bills, Bills at the last minute from their sizzling medley and replaced it with 2001’s big hitter Bootylicious because it was ‘too slow’ for her.

‘They kept rehearsing with Bills, Bills, Bills. And the band started talking about, ‘How come they’re not doing Bootylicious?’ a source said.

‘It turned out to be too slow and wasn’t flowing with the rest of the set,’ the insider told Us magazine, explaining Bootylicious ‘was a better way to introduce the girls with their names. It worked so much better.’

Michelle Williams replies to Keyshia Cole's hate?

After receiving a lot of messages from angered fans, Keyshia Cole tried to defend herself, but ended up slamming Michelle Williams again.

"But hey. I love y'all too. And y'all girl is wack and always will be," she told fans of Williams.

While Michelle Williams never responded to the negative comments, someone else with an account, using her picture, did. Disputing the comment that person made about Keyshia Cole's mother and childhood, Michelle Williams wants fans to understand that she did not say anything about Cole.

"I never tweeted that. Be wise and check the original timeline before you spread more mess. Once again... God bless," said Williams.

Destiny's Child Get Post-Super Bowl Sales Bump

It stands to reason that performing the halftime show
 at the highest rated Super Bowl ever might lead to a sales bump. And for Beyoncé that meant a download explosion for 16 of her songs, as well as the charting of no less than 12 solo and DC albums on iTunes.

The biggest bounce was for Bey's most recent album, 4, which jumped up to #12 on the iTunes album chart, followed by the DC hits collection #1s at #42, her solo debut, Dangerously In Love (#45), 2008's I Am ... Sasha Fierce deluxe edition (#60), the deluxe version of 4 (#64), another DC hits comp, Playlist: The Very Best of Destiny's Child (#68) and the original version of I Am ... Sasha Fierce (#79).

Other charting albums include: the trio's The Writing's On The Wall (#97) and Love Songs (#99), Bey's 2006 solo effort B'Day (#100), DC's 2004 swan song, Destiny Fulfilled (#166) and their 2001 album Survivor (#195).