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brenden wrote in ohnotheydidnt

For Sunday, February 3, 2013:

Happy Monday, ONTD!  
How was your weekend?

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Completely heartbroken of the latest Lizzie Bennet diaries episode.

Lydia Bennet broke my heart

I can't take this and I KNOW we're going to get these kind of videos until next week at LEAST.

Gigi is going to be half demo-ing and half upset til this is over and Lizzie is just going to be talking about upsetting things.

I want to go back to Darcy asking her out...I want Darcy to punch George Wickham's lights out

Awwww lydia :( I'm not sure how I feel about the suspension of disbelief needed to believe that Lizzie would post that video of her sister so distraught, but I understand it in terms of storytelling. Heartbreaking

I know she opened the video talking about how manipulative and charming George is but I STILL cannot believe Lizzie's first instinct is that Lydia knew and was a willing participant in releasing the tape.

at 6am, one of my goddamn neighbors was BLASTING music from inside his car. I went outside (in my pjs) to glare at the car, which I could not see well without my contacts, then marched angrily back inside and turned out our porch light.

he seemed to get the message, since he drove away a couple minutes later, but UGH.

ugh, I hate loud neighbors.

Ugh, that's so annoying!

I would have been so pissed D:

That reminds me of the post where someone's neighbor had "Eye Of The Tiger" cranked on repeat for three days.

I hate those people
I would shout at them but when I wake up I'm so confused and out of it I'd probably fall out of the window or something

I think I'm going to have to quit running. It's killing my knees. NOOOOoooooooooooo

Running completely wrecked my knees. I really enjoy it, but can't do it very often.

skiing for one weekend killed my knees :(

I can only do treadmill or track now, running on concrete was killer

I've only been running on treadmill :/

have you tried alternating with an elliptical? my knees KILL if i run on consecutive days (mostly treadmill historically) but they are a lot more friendly to me if every-other-day i use one of the ellipticals with height adjustment

isn't running really bad for knees? Or, street running, rather? Or am I making that up?

idk I'm trying to find some way to give myself some shape but I loath running and am trying to talk myself out of it lol

I hate running. Partly because I run like John Cleese (I'm not even kidding) and partly because KNEES. It's so painful, isn't it?

I prefer the cross trainer, personally. It's like running but works your muscles without any of the impact on your joints. Maybe the elliptical once in a while but I find it so hard to use haha.

Today was week 3 of my chest infection/virus blah blah. Yay.

I'm so bored rn, but I watched 7 episodes of Girls, which I enjoyed, but I didn't find it funny? It's watchable and all, but I didn't laugh once. Jesa is my favourite rn, but I feel like that's an unpopular opinion.

I also tried to watch SLP, but only got 20 minutes in.

(Deleted comment)
You poor thing :( I feel bad for you not just because of the sickness but also because you sat through Lena Dunham's obnoxiousness.

A few family friends had big long infections like you around christmas....on the upside, they lost a hell of a lot of weight?

My friend is taking me out to lunch.

Where shall we go since she's paying?

niners:( in other news I am one week w/o alcohol and I don't miss it. I went out to the bars all weekend and had still had fun tbh. feels good, bbs

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Has anyone tried to the oil cleansing method? I've been on it for about a week and my skin just looks terrible, which is supposed to happen I believe, but has anyone done it for longer than a week? I'm hoping it eventually clears. :/

I did it for about a month and never got clear skin. I stopped and just started moisturizing constantly and got better results that way but never anything perfect. it's a year after I tried the oil cleansing method and my skin is almost perfect thanks to moisturizing in the morning and in the evening and using a retin-A before bed as prescribed by a derm (I HIGHLY recommend it)

I used Retin A a long, long time ago and it was brutal on my skin. I used to moisturize all the time, but I was birth control for like 6+years non stop and then I stopped having health insurance and couldn't afford it anymore and ever since my skin has gone absolutely crazy. I've tried everything, even going back on birth control, and nothing helps. This was kind of my last resort. I'm bummed it didn't work for you. I definitely can't see a dermatologist now--still no health insurance and I'm broke. UGH.

I tried it for a little bit but I figured any benefit I was getting was coming from the whole process of steaming, etc., which was too much of a pain, and went back to my regular cleanser.

I dunno about a cleansing method, but I moisturize with safflower oil at night, and it's been doing wonders. If I get a break out, the oil clears it up over night. I'm not exaggerating. I have super dry skin tho.

I did it and had bad skin, then clear skin for a week then my skin EXPLODED. It was awful awful awful. I ended up finding an area dermatologist and even though I have to pay out of pocket for treatments it's 100% worth it.

I just saw him today and he was PISSED I had a small breakout on my chin. It says a lot about my past skin situation I just shrugged. I don't care.

I suspect I have that tiny breakout because I just started using this:

but it makes my skin feel SO soft and evens out discoloration so well I think I'll just keep on using it.

I've done it for almost a month and my skin is almost better than ever (I had a BAD reaction to some Clinique products a few months ago :/)

how are you doing it? i have a small oil cleanser from josie maran from the 500 point perk but idk if you mean the same thing

My weekend was decent. Stayed in because of the cold and snow but my ankle is feeling a little better so that's good!

Not that happy at the moment though. My bff just texted me she's on her way to the courthouse right now and apparently in a few months I'm now flying down to be in an after the fact wedding.

Wtf. I would be pissed at my friend for doing that.

I'm glad your ankle is feeling a bit better. I still want to punch your entire work staff

I'm pretty sure she's just randomly going today so that no one can talk her out of either.

And I want to every day.

hah my girlfriend said she was gonna do a big wedding with everyone in Vegas and now she's just eloping

i don't blame her, wedding planning is so stressful

I spent my weekend being a stoner and putting off my homework now I'm rushing through it rn. But still on ONTD. :(

tomorrow i get to see my new guy



crying for this movie ;__;

lol I didn't bother with the anime or the manga but one of my favs is leading this movie so I have to watch it ^___^ I hope they let him show off his english in this film

he is such a terrible actor

(Deleted comment)
My weekend would have been great, except I got mild food poisoning on Saturday from Buffalo Wild Wings.


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