Woman Obsessed With Licking Cat On TLC’s My Strange Addiction

The latest oddball individual to be profiled on My Strange Addiction — TLC’s series about people with unusual habits and lifestyles — gets her kicks when she licks her cat, and then eat the hair it sheds.

“The best ones are right off the cat,” said Lisa, who’s been engaging in the unusual practice for 15 years.

The 43-year-old Detroit native, comparing herself to “a mama cat … with her kittens,” said that the bizarre habit enhances her bond with the feline.

“Just chewing it is relaxing,” said Lisa, who often grooms the cat directly with her tongue. “It’s a comforting feeling, her fur is such an interesting texture. So soft and puffy and like cotton candy.”

Lisa, who gobbles the bite-size clumps of hair as if they were hors d’oeuvres, said that in no way does her habit border on bestiality, as she doesn’t get as involved as another cat would.

“I’m not licking her butt!”


Bitch is nasty, TLC is such a hot mess...what are your addictions, ONTD? Mine are shopping and vodka.