9:23 pm - 02/03/2013

Perrie in patch-up with love-rat Zayn + his family went to her concert


SINGER Perrie Edwards spent the night with her cheating 1D boyfriend Zayn Malik in a bid to patch up their relationship.
The Little Mix beauty hid her face as she slipped out of his North London house on Friday morning.
She and Zayn, 20, tried to get their love back on track after The Sun revealed that he cheated on Perrie, 19, with Australian waitress Courtney Webb.
Meanwhile the riddle of Zayn’s bandaged hand was cleared up. Photos of it had sparked rumours that he had hurt it during a row with Perrie.
But yesterday — wearing a sweatshirt with a large letter P on it — he revealed he injured it trying to pull off a FLIP on his skateboard while messing around with his bandmate Louis Tomlinson during rehearsals.
Zayn said: “We were in the studio and decided to do a bit of skating.
"But the floor in here isn’t the best.
"I fell off and the board went over my hand. It hurt so much.
“I was trying to do a trick and went flying. It was a bit stupid.”
Louis, 21, winced: “It makes me cringe thinking about it.”

megalixer 4th-Feb-2013 02:53 am (UTC)
Oh trust me, I know that it's not always a good idea to stay for the sake of the kids. I guess I just understand the impulse to forgive cheating if you've built a life together (which is what I meant, ofc not just marriage in the legal sense) because then it's not just the relationship at stake, you know? It's money, where you live, potentially your job/career and how/where children might life etc. that you have to evaluate. You just don't have to deal with that when you're 20 and have only been with someone a few months.

I think it also depends on the nature of the cheating. Like, hypothetically if I was married (or had been dating for 4-5 years, or whatever) and my partner had a drunken one-night stand and was really remorseful - of course I'd be pissed, but I'd be inclined to work through it. But if the cheating is chronic (whether with a single ~mistress~ or with a bunch of one night stands) then people need to respect themselves.

/lol I wrote an essay too
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