Eddie Furlong is single & looking for work

Eddie Furlong, 90s heartthrob, has been dropped from another project due to his domestic violence charges. Eddie has been charged three times in the past three months for allegedly attacking his girlfriend. Eddie pled not guilty and is still behind bars holding up production on a romantic comedy that is now slated to continue without him. Producers contacted Jason Mewes, Jay of Jay and Silent Bob, but he declined the role.

The nature of the domestic violence charges are unclear but they appear to be as follows:

1. Bruising girlfriend during an argument at LAX.
2. "Furlong is accused of inflicting corporal injury resulting in a traumatic condition."
3. "suspicion of attacking his GF"

TMZ's reports are vague as to what happened but perhaps the cops aren't certain either? Shaking my hair cape at Eddie's untreated issues. This isn't the first significant other he's reportedly abused.

Recent photo aka mugshot: