CSB: I saw Helen Mirren at the Reagan airport in DC last summer (same Jet Blue terminal, she and her husband were LITERALLY sitting across from me) and she was wearing a stretchy shirt and purple genie pants. She asked me how to get the airport wifi on her iPad since I was online on my laptop and I freaked out and told her that I had AT&T wifi but Idk if that airport offered their internet for free and went, "I'M SORRY I CAN'T HELP YOU I'M SORRY I'M SO SORRY" and she laughed and thanked me. We were also eating the same crappy ham and cheese croissant from the deli and I went, "OH SAME CRAPPY SANDWICH, HOW NICE" and she laughed again. I made her laugh. Ded. I also still have the photo of her that I sneakily took when throwing away some trash because I wanted to appear cool and not bother her lmao.

/tl;dr I love her sfm, boss ass HBIC, etc. etc. and so forth