Dan - h2$ - bowties are cool
I know, right? BLECH.

Yep, I hate the whole "he doesn't look like a leading man". Well, GOOD, because I've never found the typical leading man all that attractive, and I think Hollywood underestimates the appeal of quirky good looks, a sense of humour, and talent. Interesting that you mentioned MJ Fox and Tom Hanks - I love both of them (so excited for Michael's new TV series).

Wallace has a Chandler-from-Friends'esque vibe to him, which I like, and I'm so happy they've not made Dan use an accent.

I have a feeling TFW will be a May release, before Dan goes into rehearsals for Cripple of Inishmaan. Then we have the play to look forward to, followed by Horns and KYD. The Year of Radcliffe is shaping up to be pretty damn awesome, but I want him to line up at least a couple of film projects for release in 2014, and I wouldn't say no to another series of AYDN.