A$AP Sexy Rocky's Alexander Wang Ad

A$AP Rocky Gives Comedy A Try In Alexander Wang Ad:

A$AP Rocky is from the Kanye West school of hip-hop, in that he is openly obsessed with high-end fashion. So it was inevitable that eventually he’d hook up with Alexander Wang to be the face of his T campaign. (The prior spokesmodel was fellow Harlem rapper Azealia Banks, and she was preceded by acts like Santigold and Die Antwoord.)

Rocky appears in the new ad, and for some reason it’s three minutes long so he gets plenty of time to flex his acting muscles. The spot features comedian Bon Qui Qui who plays a Wang store employee, and she harasses a few models and famous people, including A$AP Rocky. It’s…funny? Quite honestly, we were distracted by Rocky’s winning (gold) smile.


LMAO this ad is hilarious