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Michael Easton, Roger Howarth & Kristen Alderson Are Leaving General Hospital! Will Return As New Characters!

Michael Easton has posted a message on his Facebook page revealing he will not be taping at GENERAL HOSPITAL as John McBain after February 8th. The negotiations between ABC and Prospect Park to keep the former ONE LIFE TO LIVE characters on GH are still unsettled.

I heard a rumor of some lovely people who were going to stop by the studio for a certain riff raff's birthday. Some others who wanted to deliver a cake. Even more wonderful folks who wanted to send cards and treats and I want you to know I am incredibly humbled by these gestures but unfortunately I will not be around to enjoy them. I've been informed, that due to some ongoing legal this and that, I cannot be at "General Hospital" after February 8th and since I know many of you go to great trouble to do something special, I just don't want to see anybody's efforts go to waste(especially the lovely person who always sneaks in the fine Irish Whiskey).

If it's not too bold, may I suggest a donation to The American Cancer Society instead. Then some good will have come out of this...Miss you guys already.

According to Daytime Confidential, Roger Howarth and Kristen Alderson are in the same boat. All three actors are under contract with ABC, but the characters have been licensed by Prospect Park. The scenes the actors tape until February 8th will air throughout the month.

Prospect Park intends to recast the roles of Starr, John and Todd for its OLTL reboot.

On Twitter Kristen Alderson added, "Thank you for all of your sweet responses to the recent madness. Nothing yet to report! Praying for positive answers."

Erika Slezak On ONE LIFE TO LIVE: 'We Expect To Begin Production Near The Middle Of March'!

Longtime ONE LIFE TO LIVE star Erika Slezak posted a message on her official website confirming she was joining the upcoming Prospect Park revival.

I am pleased to officially announce that, pending the final contract, I am joining the revival of One Life to Live which will be produced by Prospect Park and aired on Hulu and iTunes on the internet. We expect to begin production near the middle of March and the air dates are yet to be announced. This will be an exciting and groundbreaking adventure and we hope that you will all join us as we bring back all the characters you loved and possibly some new ones. I will let you all know when a firm air date is announced.

Erin Hershey Presley Back On GENERAL HOSPITAL!

PORT CHARLES alumna Erin Hershey Presley reprised the role of Alison on Wednesday's GENERAL HOSPITAL as the mystery surrounding Lucy's vampire warnings deepens. Enthuses Lynn Herring, "It was so wonderful to see her, so much fun catching up. I hadn't seen her socially since before she had her first baby! She's an absolute doll."

Cameron Mathison is open to doing ALL MY CHILDREN again "at some point"!

"Their schedule, my schedule and the location logistics are not really jiving, but hopefully we’ll work it out and some point I think that’s reasonable. It was such short notice; it just wasn’t really possible…. Maybe it will work out."

ONE LIFE TO LIVE Co-Head Writer Thom Racina Makes Video Message For Fans!

New ONE LIFE TO LIVE co-head writer Thom Racina posted a video message for fans on his Facebook page on Wednesday night.

"All shows say they want to tell new bold innovative exciting stories," Racina says. "Well, I promise you we're gonna do it. It's a whole new format. It's a whole new world. And I'm really grateful to be here."

Watch the full message below:

DALLAS Returns To Lower Ratings!

TNT's two-hour Season 2 premiere of DALLAS drew just 2.98 million total viewers on Monday, a 31% drop-off from where it left off last summer, according to Nielsen.

The rebooted drama also drew 1.22 million adults 25-54 and 1.02 million adults 18-49. Those were down 32% and 27% from the show's season one averages, respectively. DALLAS' first season aired during the summer on Wednesdays.

DALLAS had filmed five episodes of its second season with the late Larry Hagman. Next week the show will be used as the lead-in for its new David E. Kelley series MONDAY MORNINGS.

Thom Racina: Start Watching ONE LIFE TO LIVE Come April!

ONE LIFE TO LIVE co-head writer Thom Racina has posted an update on his new gig on his Facebook page.

Well, I've arrived in Llanview, which is now situated in our studios in Stamford, CT, and I couldn't be happier. Not only are we on groundbreaking territory here with Prospect Park reinventing soaps for the Internet, but I'm looking forward to putting the results of my creative passion into story and the voices of characters once again.

I'm working, as most of you know, with my writing partner, Susie Horgan, with whom I've written 3 pilots over the last few years, and this is our dream come true because we met after our daytime careers were pretty much over (the shows were dying)...and now, suddenly, we are the co-head writers and we couldn't be more thrilled. What a blessing!

Susie has posted several pictures of us "hard at work" sipping martinis--in fact she just handed me one (it's dinner time after all), so I toast you, friends and fans, and I sincerely hope you will support us and tell your friends and start watching One Life To Live come April!

I'll keep you posted as the world here turns...


KATIE Renewed For Second Season!

Disney-ABC Domestic Television has renewed KATIE for a second season, it was announced today by Janice Marinelli, president, Disney-ABC Domestic Television.

“KATIE is the No. 1 new syndicated talk show of the 2012-13 season, and we are thrilled to announce a green light for Season Two,” said Marinelli. “Katie is an immensely talented host who has an incomparable ability to connect with her viewers. We also have outstanding station partners and time periods, and look forward to continued success with KATIE this year and into Season Two.”

“Hosting, producing and launching a show from scratch has been challenging but very rewarding,” said Katie Couric. “I’m looking forward to working with our terrific team to build on the success of our first season, and continuing to share compelling stories, explore important topics, and create entertaining television for our audience.”

WATCH: THURSTON Season 2 Premiere

Hit indie Western THURSTON ended its first season with a shocking cliffhanger. The show picked right up where it left off in the brand new Season 2 premiere. How did the inhabitants of Thurston deal with the Snead brothers? Watch below to find out.

THURSTON- The Western Web Series - season 2 episode 1 from Thurston-The Series on Vimeo.

J.R. Martinez not joining new ALL MY CHILDREN!

The actor tweeted the news: "I won't be joining the online version. Complicated w/ my current schedule. Maybe we'll find out who JR shot! Love Brot."

ALL MY CHILDREN alum Jennifer Bassey teases "wonderful surprises" on Twitter!

"News. there will be some wonderful surprises in the next few months on AMC. Thats all I can say right now. Sworn to secrecy. xxxx J"

High School Musical Star Chris Warren Sues Parents For Stealing Childhood Earnings!

As if his famous mom's divorce wasn't bad enough -- "High School Musical" star Chris Warren has now filed a lawsuit against BOTH his parents, accusing the pair of stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars of his child acting money.

Warren filed the lawsuit against PASSIONS actress Brook Kerr (ex-Whitney Russell) and Christopher Warren Sr., claiming they established a trust for him back in 2001 for all the money he made as a minor -- and have been secretly dipping into the kitty ... big time.

According to the lawsuit, Chris paid into the account for years, but when he decided to make a withdrawal back in 2011 -- as a 21-year-old -- his parents refused to grant him access.

When pressed, Chris claims his parents admitted they had blown through hundreds of thousands of dollars of his money on their own personal expenses ... but refused to say how much was left in the account.

Chris is now suing his parents for all the money back ... even though he's still not sure exactly how much they took.

CBS Soaps Renewed!

ABC soap fans are excited by the returns of ALL MY CHILDREN and ONE LIFE TO LIVE, but now CBS viewers have their own reason to celebrate with the announcement that THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL and THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS will continue airing into 2014!

Celebrating its fortieth year on the air on Tuesday, March 26, Y&R had already received a pickup for the 2013-2014 season as part of a multi-year deal. But B&B has now also been renewed for the 2013-2014 season, along with the rest of the CBS Daytime lineup including THE TALK, THE PRICE IS RIGHT and LET'S MAKE A DEAL.

Y&R: The Prodigal Daughter Returns!

Abby returns to Genoa City on Monday, February 11th, and according to portrayer Marcy Rylan, the Naked Heiress did a little soul searching while she was hanging out with mom Ashley in New York.

"For the first time, Abby is feeling a little embarrassed about her previous choices," Marcy said. "She's trying really hard to be a better person...and figure out where she fits if she's not running around naked." The character will have some interaction with paramour Carmine, Marcy confirmed, and "Abby is a little surprised by what Carmine has to say."

Marcy readily accepted the invitation to come back to the show after being let go last fall; it was only later that she started to realize her return might be a bit awkward. "It didn't even cross my mind before that it [my first day] could be a little awkward... so I was a little bit nervous. On Monday of my first week, I did my first fitting and we have a new costume designer so then I was really nervous because it felt like I was starting over somewhere new. But she picked such fabulous clothes and I was trying on all these outfits that were very Abby, so once I was in the clothes, I was like, 'Oh, yeah, this feels like second nature.' So then I was super excited."

Y&R: Fen's Shocking Disclosure!

Jamie admits to Michael and Lauren that Fen pushed him off the roof. Michael and Lauren argue as Michael sides with Jamie. Lauren refuses to believe Fen is capable of such behavior. TB thinks it’s a normal reaction, plus she feels in her heart that he is innocent.

Lauren thinks Michael is more worried over Jamie than his own son. Michael insists that they cannot ignore that Fen could be headed down the same dark path he took. Lauren then comes forward about her own dark past with Traci but says they are not those people anymore. When Fen returns home Michael tells him Fen may press charges.

Fen lashes out and throws it in his face that he was in prison for trying to rape someone. Fen blows up because Michael and Lauren never told him about it and calls Michael a hypocrite. Lauren overhears and wonders what Michael is going to do. TB thinks both Michael and Lauren have compelling arguments.

Y&R: Avery Sees Dylan!

While posing as Nick’s bartender, Dylan is anxious to reunite with Avery. He’s come to town just to see if she’s happy and if she wants to get back together, notes Steve Burton. When Avery arrives at the Underground, she is shocked to see Dylan but before they can talk Nick interrupts. Nick introduces Avery to his new employee which makes her uncomfortable. She comes up with an excuse and leaves.

Nick wonders what’s wrong but Avery urges him to be with his guest. Afterwards, Dylan approaches Avery and explains where he’s been; she can’t help but to touch his face. JC thinks it’s the foundation of a great triangle because there are no bad guys and it’s a powerful story. Unfortunately someone else notices them interacting.

B&B: Steffy Gets the Boot!

After Steffy returns home from Paris, she confronts Liam about their future together. JW says there are so many emotions running through her. She was excited to tell Liam about the pregnancy then she sees him with Hope. Steffy feels confused and betrayed and gives Liam an ultimatum. Wood explains if Steffy wasn't pregnant she would have walked in and pulled Hope off of Liam but she can’t think about herself anymore.

Steffy told Liam he had to figure things out but she doesn't get the answer she was seeking when Liam tells her to move out. After Liam kicks her out, she decides not to tell Liam about the baby; she doesn't want Liam with her because of the baby. Later Steffy goes to see Taylor and tells her she doesn't want to go down the same path she did with Ridge.

JustMensRings to Make Television Debut on Days!

Online men’s jewelry store JustMensRings.com (JMR) will soon make its television debut on the beloved long-running soap opera Days of Our Lives. Agents from the daytime serial have purchased a number of men’s rings from JMR to be worn by one or more male cast members. Affordable yet luxurious in appearance, these rings will no doubt fit right in with the glamorous cast.

While there is no word yet on which characters will sport the bands, longtime watchers of the show might be able to hazard a guess or two based on the five rings that were selected. Amongst the choices are three gold plated bands made from tough tungsten carbide, a contemporary material known for its superior scratch resistance. One style, a plain domed band with a polished finish, has the look of a traditional wedding ring. Another offers a satin finish center framed by eye-catching polished step down edges, while a third has the romantic phrase “Love Forever” etched in a cursive font.

Finishing up the show’s selection is a pair of two tone styles, both made from rugged and dependable stainless steel. Three rounded ridges define the first ring, with features a gold tone center handsomely offset by the natural silver hue of stainless steel. The second stainless steel style is somewhat more ornate, with a carved gold tone center, milgrain lines and polished edges. Given their hypoallergenic material and versatile two tone designs, these bands could be worn by virtually any male cast member.

While decidedly upscale in appearance, all of the JMR bands purchased by Days of Our Lives are priced under $60. This should hardly come as a surprise to regular shoppers at JustMensRings.com, as JMR has established itself as one of the most affordable online retailers of men’s rings, wedding bands and jewelry for men.

In addition to budget-friendly rings made from contemporary materials like tungsten, stainless steel, titanium, cobalt chrome and ceramic, JMR also carries a considerable number of designer men’s rings and wedding bands in precious materials like gold, platinum and palladium.

“Everyone at JMR is looking forward to seeing our rings on Days of Our Lives,” says JustMensRings.com president and owner Roy Devine. “Finding out what styles will be worn by which characters will be an exciting plot twist for us.”

One of the longest running television shows in the history of the world, Days of Our Lives recently celebrated the airing of its 12,000th episode. The classic tungsten and stainless steel styles selected for the show can currently be viewed and purchased online at JustMensRings.com while supplies last. JMR offers everyday low prices, free shipping on orders over $99 and a 30 day money back guarantee on all purchases. In addition to men’s wedding bands and designer rings, JMR carries a comprehensive selection of men’s jewelry items, including pendants, necklaces and bracelets.

GH: Britt Blackmails Maxie!

Britt almost spills the truth about Maxie's pregnancy to Lulu, but when she zips her lips, Maxie offers to help her win Patrick back in exchange for silence. Britt has a different deal in mind. She wants Maxie to help her destroy Sabrina.

KT thinks that Britt definitely wants Patrick but she wants to ruin Sabrina. She hasn't thought about the consequences to her career. And she feels that if Sabrina wasn't in the picture, she'd still be with Patrick.

GH: Lucy, Heather, and Todd Escape!

Lynn H says the scene where the trio escaped had the behind the scenes crew rolling on the floor. It was hard to keep a straight face through the shenanigans.

The trio run into trouble when Kevin shows up after being encouraged by Felicia to not give up on Lucy. Heather knocks him out. Kevin thinks it was Todd since he was hit so hard, but Lucy tells him it was Heather before hightailing it out with Todd and Heather. They take shelter in a familiar location where Lucy finds out about Alison's murder and grows concerned about Rafe and more determined to destroy Caleb.

LH promises there will be several gasp-worthy moments by weeks end. She thinks if fans are patient they'll have their 'Oh, I get it!' moment. It could possibly be the best of both worlds: people that don't want a full-time vampire story will get what they want and people that enjoy sexy Caleb will get what they want. She thinks it will be awesome.

Days of our Lives Star Nathan Owens Discusses His New Role!

Days of Our Lives newcomer Nathan Owens (Cameron) talks to TVSource Magazine about his plans to make his character his own, why he loves acting and what it was like to work with pop superstar Rihanna.

The model-turned-actor joined the cast of Days in the fall, taking over the role of Cameron Davis. Owens made his on-screen debut as the hunky doctor on Dec. 24. Cameron’s realization that Gabi couldn’t be pregnant with Nick’s child turned out to be the catalyst for a bombshell his late sister’s brother, Chad, would drop during Nick and Gabi’s wedding. Chad’s actions only pushed his ex-girlfriend Abby into the comforting arms of Cameron, who also happens to be her ex. Is there a possibility for Abby and Cameron to rekindle their relationship?

TVSource Magazine: Can you preview what’s coming up for Cameron?
Nathan Owens: You know what; I would say there is going to be a change in character as far as what we’ve seen from him so far. There’ll be a difference in Cameron. He’ll be a bit more edgy, a little more exciting. Lots of exciting things to come.

TVSource Magazine: What do you plan to bring to the role?
Owens: There’s a lot of the family issues that I can relate to with this character. I drew from actual personal experience with some of the family trials and tribulations that he’s going through, and honestly how I’ve reacted in those situations because a couple of the things that have happened to Cameron have happened to me in my life. I drew from that as far as that goes.

Also, I made sure that I didn’t see the previous actor’s tapes or clips. I wanted to do that, not out of any disrespect, but because I didn’t want it to change my approach to it. I wanted to go with as much as me as far as humor goes and how I am generally with people and in life. I wanted to make that a point to make as much of myself as I can as far as humor goes and as far as dealing with people, how I deal with them in my day to day life. It’s another reason why I didn’t want to see how he deals with people, whether it be in the doctor setting or personal setting.

TVSource Magazine: Do you think Cameron wants to form a relationship with Lexie’s siblings – EJ, Chad and Kristen?
Owens: I do. He’s searching for that familial feeling of acceptance. I see that with Lexie and who she calls her family.

TVSource Magazine: Does Cameron still have feelings for/want Abby back?
Owens: I believe he does. Strong ones. Working with Kate Mansi is great. She’s awesome. She has an incredible work ethic, very professional. We’re getting better each day as far as working as a team. We’re better at reading each other within scenes. Our relationship off camera as far as being friends is making it easier to develop chemistry as characters.

TVSource Magazine: That may be a little difficult with Chad in the picture. Does Cameron look at Chad as an obstacle?
Owens: No. He doesn’t see him as one. He sees it more as…he knows they had something previously, but he just sees that as something in the past. Cameron is mature in that way. He wouldn’t look at him as an obstacle, at least not yet. And I won’t give anything away. At least not yet he doesn’t.

TVSource Magazine: When we tweeted that we were interviewing you, fans immediately wanted to know when, not if, Cameron starts showing some skin. So, as promised, when will Cameron get to show some skin?
Owens: [Laughs] It’s going to be soon. I’ll just say that. Very, very soon and they’re going to love it. I can guarantee it.

TVSource Magazine: Prior to acting, you had a rather extensive modeling career. Which do you prefer – modeling or acting?
Owens: They both have their own perks to them. With the modeling, I set a few goals for myself and I attained those goals. With acting, I love the challenge because it’s into what I actually do like. I like psychology, the study of people, sociology and so forth. Finding out with characters why they are who they are, why they do what they do and exploring that. That’s one thing that I really, really love about acting. And obviously making it come to life.

TVSource Magazine: Fans may not know, but you were in Rihanna’s “California King Bed” music video. What was it like working with her?
Owens: [Laughs] It was good. She was very hard working girl, very nice. She was like joking with me too. I’ll leave that up to you, you can read the interview on that. It was really fun. It was a good experience and one of the highlights working on that video is I met Jay Z with my shirt off. That was fun. [Laughs] Very awkward.

Kristen wants to marry Brady!!

Kristen decides she wants to marry Brady to hurt to John and Marlena but Brady thinks they're moving too fast and he wants to slow things down. Unwilling to take no for an answer, Kristen suggests that they get married in a private ceremony but Brady still turns her down. Frustrated, Kristen sets a plan in motion...

Kristen sets up a double date night with her, Brady, Jennifer and Daniel. While they're out, Kristen pretends to be drunk in hopes that Brady will loosen up as well. Feigning drunk, she opens up to Brady about her feelings for him (which may or may not be real) and how she's always wanted a wedding and has never been able to have one. Will Brady take the bait?

General Hospital Leads Soap Opera Revival – An MSN Money Special Report!!

In a twist that none of the network executives probably saw coming, the beloved art form of the daytime soap opera is having a resurgence and staging quite the comeback.

As the doom and gloom spread across the industry, that due to the escalating costs in producing these daily dramas and the lower return in the ratings, the long running series were locked in a conundrum. If you look at where we were back in 2011, All My Children and One Life to Live were nixed, and General Hospital was in need of resuscitation!

Now in a turnaround, MSN Money reports and spotlights that the Walt Disney company took a gamble in keeping General Hospital and that bet has paid off, and led the charge of the revival of the soaps! MSN Money stated, “Ratings for the show, which turns 50 in April, are on the rise. General Hospital attracted more than 3 million total viewers during the week ended Dec. 28, the highest total in two years. Viewership among advertisers’ target demographic — women 18 to 34 years old — is up 44% year over year, according to ABC.”

MSN Money also says soap fans believe the reason for GH’s resurgence is: “The show got a lot better. Under executive producer Frank Valentini, who assumed the job last year, the show has had entertaining story lines and brought back fan favorites from the show’s heyday, such as Rick Springfield, Kin Shriner and Genie Francis.”

GH showrunner Valentini weighed in on the situation with MSN Money stating: “There were concerns about the future of the show. We are all aware of how the television viewing market has become increasingly fractured.”

So now with The Bold and the Beautiful, The Young and the Restless, Days of our Lives, GH and soon online the return of One Life to Live and All My Children, if the momentum can keep going, soaps could be sticking around alot longer than anyone would have thought a year ago at this time!

The Week In The Year 2000!

Leo and Becca arrived just in time to prevent Ken from raping Greenlee. In the process, Leo got his hand slashed with a switchblade. Mirror Janet convinced Janet that Brooke was out to get her family. Hayley and Mateo got engaged and agreed, reluctantly, to help Ryan with his quest to win Gillian back. The night before, Ryan had told Gillian he wanted to try again, but Gillian angrily told him he was too late. Jake was still going along with the custody battle for Colby. Myrtle asked Adrian to help Rae in her search for her missing daughter. Liza asked Adam if they could stay married longer, to help win Colby back. Adam assigned Leo to take Marian to bed. Erica told David she loved him, and that Alex had checked into the mental institution around the same time a political figure named Geoffrey had turned up dead.

Andy stood by Denise when she was arrested for breaking and entering, and the two worked together to get Hope out of foster care in Peoria. Holden and Molly gave their consent to Abigail dating Chris after Molly agonized about not telling her daughter about her own affair with Chris. Molly got an incriminating conversation between Henry and Katie on tape and rushed to show it to Holden. Katie agreed to Henry's plan to preempt Molly by showing Holden the photos of Molly and Chris. On Carly's wedding day, Phillips demanded Carly leave with him for a reunion with his Hong Kong boss and stabbed Isaac in the chest.

Rick reacted with disgust when Amber said he no longer had the burden of raising "their" child. Rick told Taylor that he would divorce Amber, but he wasn't sure he could let Becky take the baby. Kimberly got a strange call from Amber. Brooke told a shocked Thorne how Ridge and Eric had set them up.

Chloe helped Shawn with his homework, which displeased Mimi. Hope took a home pregnancy test, which was positive. Nicole continued to try to break up Eric and Greta. Kate and Nicholas had some steamy moments. Brandon continued to try to dig up dirt on Abe. Greta pressed Lily to try to find out who her father was. Kurt fell from the roof of the castle, and Hope was bitten by a venomous spider -- with only Stefano to save her.

Carly couldn't go through with the abortion and later seduced A.J. into bed. Roy told Bobbie that Hannah was his daughter, and Bobbie told Roy that Carly was pregnant with Sonny's child. Luke and Felicia decided to search for Lucky together. Stefan followed Helena and found out she was hiding Lucky. Chloe regained consciousness but was still blind.

Reva and Olivia went at it over Josh, who moved into his new apartment. Josh and Reva had difficulty explaining their separation to Maura and Shane, and agreed to a family dinner that Olivia accidentally foiled. Drew's testimony gave Michelle hope, but Rick did more damage than expected on the stand. Jesse and Drew's relationship got back on track after a talk with the rabbi, and they made plans for their wedding. Carmen and Danny were both affected by Drew's involvement in Mick's death. Carmen feared for Pilar's state of mind. Michelle told Danny she was suspicious of Carmen. Danny blamed himself for Michelle's dilemma and planned to help his wife the "Santos way." Lillian cautioned Beth about marrying Jim for the wrong reasons, but agreed not to interfere. Phillip's dreams tormented him after he decided to tell Harley only part of what had really happened at the crash site. Cassie's friend moved into the palace. Richard and Cassie found it more and more difficult to hide their feelings for each other. Cassie collapsed after she tried to get away for a few days. A frantic and lovesick Richard rescued Cassie and decided to tell her he loved her. Cassie awakened and finally told Richard that she loved him. Susan and Max had a moment and then discovered Beth's prenatal vitamins. Meanwhile, Beth had decided not to tell Jim that she was pregnant because he told her that he wanted to wait to have children. Beth and Jim arrived home, misunderstanding what was going on between Susan and Max. Susan, in a fit of anger, told a stunned Jim that Beth was pregnant.

Asa refused to go along with Bo's plan, and Bo walked out on him. Drake Farraday arrived in town, claiming to be an old friend of Mel's. Max slept with Skye. Jessica threw both Will and Cris out of Llanfair. Roseanne refused to give Cris an annulment. Antonio returned. Kelly admitted to Kevin she had feelings for him. Viki told Ben things couldn't work out between them. Jared Hall, the new A.D.A., arrived to prosecute Will's case. Will was arrested for jumping bail, thanks to Asa. Viki waited anxiously for her test results. Cris began to believe Asa was behind his losing his scholarship. Lindsay got confirmation that she was pregnant. Nora figured out that Lindsay was the one that had tampered with Bo's sperm test results.

Timmy botched the incantation, turning Tabitha from a fish into a mermaid. Ivy followed Sam and Grace on their skiing trip. Theresa tried on the ring Ethan planned to give Gwen, then realized it was stuck on her finger. Sheridan went against Alistair's orders and dated Luis. Alistair told Julian he wouldn't reveal secrets about Ivy unless he needed to do so to keep her in line. Tabitha finally regained her human form and immediately returned to her plan to get Charity to kill Miguel.

Nikki resisted Brad's attempt to convince her to go away with him by telling him that she finally needed to find herself before committing to another man. Jill's detective in St. Louis tracked down Mackenzie's mother, Amanda, but he was unable to find any record of Mac's birth. Brock and Katherine planned a sweet sixteen party for Mackenzie. Although Crimson Lights was a big success, Sharon and Nick considered selling it to get Victor off their backs. Diane was under the delusion that Victor wanted her back again. Meanwhile, Victor mourned the loss of Ramona but was unable to forgive Nikki and take her back. Nikki discovered that Victor's sperm sample had been delivered to the Newman towers penthouse; she located it there, and left smiling with her large tote bag.


Monday February 4:
Chloe fakes a health issue with Parker to get Daniel's attention from Jennifer.
Parker calls Daniel "Daddy" for the first time.
Jenn has a warning for Chloe...
Kristen decides to jilt Brady at the altar but Brady isn't into marrying her.
Nick plots.
EJ and Sami make love.

Tuesday February 5:
Sami and Brady fight when he learns she and EJ reunited.
Again Kristen brings up marriage to Brady but with poor results.
Rafe learns EJ and Sami must have spent the night together.
Nick has a harrowing memory of his time in prison.
Cam and Abby share breakfast and a new beginning.

Wednesday February 6:
Rafe and Sami have a bitter fight about EJ and Gabi.
Sami urges Will to demand a paternity test.
Julie blabs to Gabi that Nick was almost murdered in prison.
Will gives Sonny back his key.
Victor is pressing charges on Nicole for the stolen Titan files.

Thursday February 7:
Nick buys a surveillance device and then sends an undetectable and ominous message to Lucas.
Jenn and Dan make plans to head to Chicago for a night with Brady and Kristen.
Nicole gives Jenn advice on how to deal with Chloe.
Nicole fights her feelings for Eric.

Friday February 8:
Chloe is furious to learn she was duped.
Parker develops a fever and Chloe gets frantic.
Kristen again pressures Brady about marriage.
Kristen feigns being drunker than she is in order to lure Brady in.
Lucas and Will hook up to discuss who sent Lucas the message about the shooting.

Monday February 4:
It may be down to Heather to save Todd and Lucy.
Kevin startles Felicia and Mac.
Liz tells Patrick that Sabrina needs to tell him something.

Tuesday February 5:
Maxie receives an ultimatum from Britt.
Two couple are swept up in romance.

Wednesday February 6:
McBain gets stuck in the middle of a murder investigation.
Starr gets a surprise visitor when she drops by Michael's apartment.
Olivia does her best to convince Connie to ease up on Kristina.

Thursday February 7:
Tracy wants Luke to help her rebuild the company.
Carly turns someone in to the cops.
Anna winds up with a gun pointed at her.

Friday February 8:
Federal agents show up to arrest Tracy.
Carly is blackmailed by Luke.
Sonny may have to choose between Connie and Michael.

2/4, Steffy confronts Liam about Hope; Brooke tells Hope that Liam's commitment should be to her.

2/5, Liam's request takes Steffy by surprise; Taylor unleashes years of resentment towards Brooke.

2/6, Katie intervenes in an argument between Bill and Liam; Brooke and Taylor each comfort their daughters.

2/7, Bill tells Liam to see his situation as it really is; Steffy tells Taylor why she doesn't want to tell Liam about the pregnancy.

2/8, Dayzee reveals her past with Maya to Marcus and Carter; Brooke, Pam and Donna worry Eric is hiding something.

2/4, Cane is impressed by Chelsea's talents; Avery and Dylan come face-to-face.

2/5, Fen's revelation leaves Lauren and Michael stunned; Avery is rocked by Dylan's return.

2/6, Tyler finds out more about Lily and Cane's relationship; Adrianna's history with Alex is exposed.

2/7, Jill and Katherine clash; Lauren and Michael's conflict with Fen explodes.

2/8, Victor is troubled by a puzzling phone call; Jack tries to charm Phyllis.

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tommybeulah 2nd-Feb-2013 02:28 am (UTC)
Make it happen BB and YR

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isntdaveone 2nd-Feb-2013 02:30 am (UTC)
it would make sense for Chelsea to leave Genoa City and move to LA because she's getting into the fashion biz.

or Rick could move to Genoa City as a consultant for Chloe & Chelsea's biz.
tommybeulah 2nd-Feb-2013 02:32 am (UTC)
I really hope that's the plan cause when I heard Chelsea was getting into the fashion business that's the first thing that came to mind.
cathangel 2nd-Feb-2013 04:23 am (UTC)
YES! I saw that on Twitter yesterday & I knew someone was gonna bring it here. LOL

We should start a petition for a crossover or something.
watch_mex0x0 2nd-Feb-2013 08:36 am (UTC)
the power couple that never-was!
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