Rebel Wilson Starts T-Shirt Line with No Sizes for Twig Bitches


Pitch Perfect and Bridesmaids star Rebel Wilson has taken it upon herself to start a T-shirt line. 

"If you need some cupcake or donut power in your life, check out my T-shirt experiment site:," the actress tweeted. 

While, sadly, the shirts don't have anything to do with her rap personna, they have everything to do with delicious treats. Named Fat Mandi, the collection only featured two designs (posted below): a blue tee with two strategically placed cupcakes and a pick tee with two strategically placed donuts. 

There's just one catch with these shirts. Skinny b*tches may have a hard time purchasing a shirt because these tees only start at size 12 and got up to size 18. Each shirt is priced at $20 each.


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