Biebz smokes weed...again...


Stop the presses! New Justin Bieber weed pictures have emerged. We
were sent the pictures below of Justin Bieber and Lil Za smoking weed.
We haven’t yet been able to confirm these pictures are legit so proceed
cautiously. TMZ initially reported that new Justin Bieber pictures are
being offered around.

Lil Za is a fried of Justin Bieber who seems to be a bad influence.
Not only does Lil Za smoke weed with Justin Bieber, Lil Za recently got
pulled over by a cop while driving Justin Bieber’s expensive car. Lil Za
didn’t have a driver’s license … but the cop let him go anyways.

What do you think about Justin Bieber smoking weed? Should he stop or
is it an acceptable behavior? Let us know in the comment section below.


This is my first post in a whillleeee, hope this wasn't posted, I checked Justin Bieber tag.