First Look [Nope] At Disney’s Frozen Characters In Two New Posters

Here are Anna and Elsa, the sisters at the heart of Disney’s Frozen. The film is a version of The Snow Queen, though it remains to be seen if it will digress from that story as much as Tangled did from Rapunzel. (Which have since been removed from BleedingCool and the original site.)

Preemptively edited out so Disney doesn't come for us.

Anna is being played by Kristen Bell while Elsa’s voice comes from Idina Menzel. Both will sing as well as act.
As you can tell from the tags, Cine 1 found these… somewhere. There’s also this less interesting logo poster.
Frozen will be along in November – at least in the US.
I just don't know.

We can save our ire for another day:

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